Saturday, 23 July 2016

Too Blue Or Not Too Blue, That IS The Question

Blue is the colour. So sing the fans at Stamford Bridge, the home for Chelsea Football fans. And blue was always "my" colour so it was perhaps serendipity that my husband and I ended up together. I love blue, it reminds me of the sky, the sea and lots of things in between. Forget me not is the most gorgeous shade of pale blue. Pigeon wings have a lovely blue/green shimmer when you see them close up, as do pigeon eggs. Enough reminiscence, I have a fondness for blue.

The behemoth is blue, or as described to me a shimmer of sea glass. That was fantastic, the happy couple live by the sea, and it was that sort of tone I was aiming for in my head. The piecing is coming together well, I'm just over half way through. I think. Or put it another way, from my toes to my nose which is about 54". When it reaches the top of my head it will be about 60".

The photo is not great, but my preferred photographer is off on her wanders in Europe. The resident photographer, groans, takes 1 photo and that's your lot.

There is rather a lot of blue left. Originally the quilt was to be blue ombre tones. Ms C admired the  greenish blue and a quick supplementary order introduced more green tones.  I think in retrospect this was a good thing, the green adds more depth and warmth overall.

So, again, serendipity came into play when Yvonne mentioned her Snowflake Shimmer quilt a long. The quilt is based on a photo her husband took of a snowflake. (her husband obviously has more of an interest in cameras than mine!). If ever a quilt a long was waiting for me it was this one.

Snowflake Shimmer QAL

The decision I have to make is, which blue is the best blue? I have enough turquoise but will have to order some more blue. I decided to use the blue I had the most of. And you know what? Amazingly I have almost 2 metres of each blue! Maybe I could fudge it and use both. Probably not, what I like about Yvonne's quilt are the clean crisp lines of the snowy sky.

Now see if you can spot the difference?

blue 1

blue 2
This brings us neatly to my white. The white is an off white, appropriately Kona snow. I have about 6" left. I think I'll have to order more, won't I? Fluffy Sheep Quilting may expect an order from me.

Helen x
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  1. I love Kona Snow and your blues are rich in color.

  2. It's going to be gorgeous!

  3. I think blue 1 blends better with your mid tone, but I love how rich and deep blue 2 is. Either will work. Will it depend on what you can find in stock? :) Your progress on the wedding quilt is obvious, and at least you got one photo of it!

  4. Love to see your blue quilt coming together.

  5. I think i agree with Yvonne...but I read her comment before I looked at them that closely. That second blue is to die for. Do you know what it is?

  6. It's hard to see a difference in the blues in the photos, but on close examination, I think I agree with Yvonne too. The Behemoth is coming along fantastically! Whenever I see Kona Snow, I think someone must have peed on their snow sample they used to create that color! lol

  7. Love your sea glass quilt. It is coming along so beautifully. Personally, I prefer the second blue choice as I like it bold. I haven't seen the snowflake shimmer quilt but if you go with the second choice, it will have the midnight snow fall. The first choice will be more like a midday snow fall. Anywho! That's my humble opinion. Either way, the contrast is very good and it will make a wonderful quilt. ;^)

  8. The difference? I think in Blue 2 photo you drank some of the wine... giggle. I too love love love blue. Blue and green, seaglass, love. Blue 1 actually feels more frosty to me, and having lived through far too many central Alberta frigid long dark frosty bone-chilling (need I go on?) winters, I consider myself an expert on frostiness. To do with weather. Not personality. ;-) I ADORE the Behemoth btw.

  9. I have the same problem with "photographers" I have to use bribery and corruption to get them to take a photo. The Behemoth is/will be gorgeous.

  10. Behemoth is growing well and like you I think the greens in the mix add warmth and depth. I can tell your blues apart, but like them both (and being me would probably fudge it, though I can see why you wouldn't want to.)

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  12. really liking blue 2 - seems richer somehow!

  13. Both blues are nice and I don't have much experience with frostiness, but I agree with Sandra, I like Blue No. 1 for some reason. You can't go wrong with either. And for the behemoth, I love the mix of greens and blues. Just beautiful!


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