Sunday, 17 July 2016

More Liberty Fabric For Me

It seems rather crass to talk about Liberty in the aftermath of the dreadful atrocity in Nice, and especially upsetting as we were there in June. We stayed in the Negresco Hotel and it was just below it the lorry finally came to a halt. I could see our bedroom window on the tv screens. My thoughts are with the French people.

The addition to my stash this week though has come from Liberty of London. We were there a short time ago for a hen party and the bride to be mentioned she had popped into Liberty and bought some fabric. And ... they had a fabric sale on! In the spirit of bonding, she walked with us as far as Regent Street the next day. We said our farewells. I think it may have been a test to see did I "nip into Liberty just for a minute". Or as we say in Norn Ireland, "to see what the craic is".

Three metres of tana lawn for £36. You can't be bad to that. It is an oatmeal background with a lovely purple or lilac rose. Very 1940s tea dress.

My daughter fancies a simple summer dress. It would need to be simple if I am making it. Round necked, sleeveless, A line skirt. Take it as read this is for next summer, she may not realise that. There was a "nice" dress pattern instore, a blogger pattern, Claudette, or Chloe. I can't quite remember. But, it was £18 for the pattern! Now I am not a skinflint but I did think that it was a little pricey, even if it is on trend. I know this has been carefully crafted and all the rest of it, but £18 for a pattern!

Stash out this week, is continuing to be pretty much the wedding quilt. I have given up counting squares. I kept churning them out last week and have finally mastered the geese. I'm quite the little goose girl now. Blue geese and green geese, flying every which way.

Now the time has come to start putting this masterpiece together. At the minute its a bit like 52 card pickup as was suggested to me. Its going to be rather like a jigsaw fitting all the different sizes into each other. I have decided to, as far as possible, make up smaller units. These smaller units will then be sewn together, hopefully avoiding too many Y seams. In fact Y seams might be OMG, one month goal, for July. Feel the fear and do it anyway. I've conquered the fear of geese.

So far I have sewn together the best part of the first row.

The second photo shows the next unit of one large, four tiny and one medium blocks ready to be slotted in.

Speaking of geese, Sandra published her blog post of making my mini mini quilt, Flashing Geese. Check it out, she says lovely things about me! I forgot to say in my post last week, Sandra always adds the initial of the recipient. There is the tiniest H in the bottom pale pink goose. To be strictly honest, I forgot to look until Tish  reminded me.

All the best for now.
Helen x
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  1. I shall think of you as the goose girl from now on. It's very brothers Grimm.

  2. How could you not nip into to Liberty???? It would have been so rude not to!! ;)

    I'm so sad for Nice and all those poor souls! I love that city!

    V x

  3. The wedding quilt is going to be magnificent! Sandra's little mini is adorable! She's such a sweetheart!

  4. The world feels so small and interconnected these days; seeing the window where you stayed must have felt very odd.

    And how could you not nip into the Liberty store?

    I love how the wedding quilt is progressing and I am excited to watch it come together now. It's going to be stunning. :)

  5. I had never heard of Liberty or Lawn fabric until IG and now I hope to find some someday. I love your choice! And the wedding quilt is going to be so amazing!

  6. Oh, it's funny you should mention Liberty! My husband will be in England briefly in the fall and will have a few hours to shop in London, so I am supposed to tell him what I want (what with the exchange rate for the pound being favorable for us right now and all...). I don't own any Liberty, but am curious what all the fuss is about, so I am tempted to send him to the shop but don't know what to tell him to buy! Do you have any suggestions? Do they sell charm packs or anything like that?

  7. The wedding quilt is really starting to shape up now - it's going to be beautiful! Xx

  8. Love the flower print (adorable!) and love your wedding "masterpiece". WOW it is coming along beautifully!


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