Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Catch Me If You Can

This is a sort of catch all blog post.

Last year, as you may or not remember, depending on how full your non quilting schedule is, I took part in the new bloggers quilt hop. It was great fun, I learned such a lot, and my blogging skills improved no end. This year I was able to support the new intake from afar, the first and last week anyhow. Yvonne's group are "The New Sewcial Network" and her final four bloggers are taking part this week. Go check them out, they are an interesting and varied bunch.

Jennifer @dizzyquilter
Seven @concernedcrafter
Mary @madebymarnie
Amanda @quiltology

And if you still have the stamina, Cheryl @meadow mist designs and Stephanie @late night quilter also have their stables of newbies for this last week.

2016 New Quilt Bloggers

Next up is what must seem to be part of a Yvonne love in. A week or so ago Yvonne posted a mid year review at our priorities and ambitions at the start of the year. Now I am sure I posted these and linked up with everybody else, but I can't remember! But I am sure my wants would have been along these lines.
1 Not to over commit myself this year. To limit the bees and swaps I am taking part in.
  Well, my husband may tell you different, but I have sort of done this. Two bees, rather than the one   proposed and the possibility of three. Only one swap, to be finished the beginning of September, a little tiny swap.
2 To complete my bee blocks on time.
I haven't done this unfortunately a couple of times.  I have had a good excuse each time though. Dog ate my homework, you know the type of thing. I have however posted within a week of the deadline, and always always kept my queen and mama in the loop.
3 To concentrate this year on making for myself, and finishing wip.
Well, yes and no. I finished a couple of longstanding wip and have been working on a quilt, not for myself but for my son Dr P and his lovely soon to be wife, Ms C.
4 To have fun.
Yes, I have had fun. I'm not a professional quilter, I am not trying to make my way in the world. I just want to have fun.

And lastly, an up date on the #coulterweddingquilt which I am renaming the #behemoth
It is coming along well, it is taking on a life of its own. Here it is to date, as of this afternoon. Tomorrow it will be different.

I am going to take off the big white square on the left after much deliberation. My gut is not happy, my instinct tells me I will never be happy with it. Off with its head whilst I still can!

The love in with Yvonne continues tomorrow, check back then to see why.

linking up with Yvonne, @quiltingjetgirl


  1. So much quilty love; thanks for sharing the word about the new quilt bloggers hop and I am so glad you are joining in on the mid year review. I am pretty sure you linked up originally... here it is! You did a fabulous job of remembering them and I think you are having a rather good year. I know I'm enjoying watching the #behemoth grow. :) And good call on removing the block that bothers you. Better now than to want to do it much later!

  2. I'm glad you are having fun Helen! That's the most important thing.

  3. I've had fun following the new bloggers this year too. You seem to have got your quilting balance about right, from the look of your review, and sewing for family pretty much counts as sewing for yourself, I think. The Behemoth is looking good; sadly I agree about that big block: that white was just a bit too stark, though the star itself looked good there.

  4. I love the new name for your quilt, and the colors and all the different blocks look awesome,

  5. You've been a very responsible bee mate, and I thank you for that! 😘
    Glad you were able to make a decision on the large block. Sometimes, it's better to just rip and be sure you're happy with it than keep going and keep second guessing yourself. I just ripped out a whole bunch of quilting today because the tension was so-so and I knew it was going to bother me!

  6. I love that have fun in the process and not over committing are on the list! Great goals!


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