Friday, 1 July 2016

Blame The Football, Stash Bee Hive 6 June Block

Yes, its the 1 July 2016, but somewhere in the southern hemisphere it might still be June 2016. If so  I am happy to sneak in under the wire with my June block. In April I had requested a really simple plus block. In June, Laura carried this forward and requested a simply simple plus block. A plus block within a border, a plus within a plus.

Anybody who follows me on instagram will have known that for most of June I was part of the green and white army. I was in France to watch N Ireland play football (soccer for you Americans)  in the Euros. It was a big achievement for our little country, or "our wee country". It's the taking part that counts for us, not the winning. We got knocked out in the second round. It was tremendous fun, and I may not have been a particular football fan when I went but I was when I came home. I know all the songs now, but that is for another blog post.

So that's why my block is the 1 July. The footie or match de foot as the French call it, being exhausted when I came home. And, a little secret crafting with my daughter.

I whipped up these two blocks this morning. I loved making them. Laura asked that we used fabric that reflected our personal style. Mmm, black........ what does that say about me? I'm quite an upbeat person. If Laura can hold off another day or two, I'll knock up another block in the hombre colours of the wedding quilt I'm making for my son and his fiancée. That would fairly represent my life at the minute.

I'm off to the hen weekend in the morning. I just hope I survive.

Helen x


  1. You were supporting our boys Helen, you are forgiven. ;)
    V x

  2. Great blocks Helen! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and I'd love to hear you sing the songs.

  3. They look great, Helen! I really love the greens... :)

  4. Great that you supported your boys... hope you survive the weekend😀 xx

  5. What fun to be a part of it in person - win or lose. Are you shouting for Wales now?

  6. I loved following you around France on FB and IG! Hope you have a brill weekend!

  7. Great blocks....looking forward to your future blog post about the footie. Have fun at the hen weekend...which reminds me is the wedding quilt coming along.

  8. Well having seen some of the antics you got up to at your hen weekend, I'm not surprised there's been no post lol! Loved 'travelling' with you vicariously on Instagram. I can't decide which plus-plus I like better, but they both would look terrific in a quilt with just those colours, wouldn't they?


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