Sunday, 5 June 2016

May I Tempt You Madam?

Sunday again with Molli Sparkles, sometimes it seems like Confessional Sunday.
I have been tempted. I have browsed, and looked, and prevaricated, and held back only to succumb. And who do I blame for this? (apart from myself obviously). My friend Sandra.
There's a sale in Craftsy.
I told her I had a look.
Saw something  Really Nice, but I can't justify it.
Yes she sez, it is nice.
And I bought it.

Sometimes when you buy something you get buyer's regret. The papers have been full recently about how we buy online, then send it back. It doesn't matter. Actually it does matter. It puts the prices up to cover all the returning that goes on, and takes stock out of circulation.

No buyer's regret, or buyer's guilt in this case. This was a case of delayed gratification. The will I, won't I fizz of excitement as the finger hovers over the button. The anxious wait to see if HMCR (her majesty's customs and revenue) impound the parcel and add loads of extra charges. I'm not a business, I don't order transatlantic on a regular basis. I just fancied this one little purchase. A little treat just for me.

The parcel arrived two weeks ago and I know this sounds so sad, but I couldn't bear to take it all out of the box! The outer box has the Craftsy logo on it, looks really cool. I threw it in the car to take to my dad, I was on my way when I met the postman. Dad and I opened it together.

It is like Pandora's box! Inside this box is another box, with Cotton and Steel 40 delightful fq printed across the box. Oooh, can I bear to open this? It's like an expensive box of chocolates or macaroons from Laudree. Once I open will the magic be gone?

In the last two weeks I have stroked the fabrics, first from left to right then from right to left. I have marvelled at how they ripple. I have marvelled at how the fabrics just blend from one colour to another. Until today I haven't taken them out. I didn't want to spoil the magic.

I took them all out, then I put them all back in the box again. They do not quite have the perfection that they had this morning, but they still have the magic. I know I will have a lot of pleasure from these cotton and steel fabrics. Unlike Pandora who ultimately was disappointed and learned a valuable lesson in life.

Thank you Sandra.
And if you want to order from Craftsy, they are always having sales, order via the Craftsy button on the blog of an affiliate like Sandra or Julie and they get a few cents commission.

If I was taking part in the Modern Quilt Ireland Rainbow Rose sew a long, I would probably use these fabrics. But I'm not. Well, not officially anyway. The MQI are sewing along together to make a rainbow rose star quilt in various sizes.

photo from MQI blog

 I am not collaborating as I am otherwise engaged, knee deep in ombre squares for a gift quilt and time is a marching. I am however going to use their star block to make another two 12" blocks for my quilt. One in blues and one in greens. If you want to join the sew a long there are some great prizes and no doubt some great blog hopping.  Check out their blog, or Ruth's at Charley and Ben's Crafty Corner for updates.

Here's the blues I'm using from stash whilst swinging on their coat tales, and the beginning of my first block.
Helen xx


  1. Beautiful box! Am quite envious of your new haul and had to laugh at you stroking the fabric from left to right and right to left again. I can just picture it! thanks for the shout out on the QAL - prizes each week are for any progress on the Rainbow rose block so if you get a few things done there's bundles of FQ's up for grabs to add your stash box!

  2. A lovely treat! Look forward to seeing what you make with them!

  3. Oh yes I can fully understand the thrill of that box and I'm so glad there was no regret!

  4. Yes I can imagine the savouring of fabric as well. It's very beautiful...can't wait to see it in a project.

  5. What a great bundle (and how awesome of Sandra to help out)! I am excited to continue to watch your ombre quilt grow, and I think it's great you will be sewing along with the QAL in your own fashion.

  6. Love this and all thanks to Sandra eh😀 she's a minx that one lol. Glad she hasn't tempted me, cos I am very weak willed! Postage to the UK bugs me though. Enjoy the beautiful fabric and thanks for sharing it with us😁 xx

  7. Sandra is always very helpful like that :P I gasped with joy when I saw the picture of your open box. I want to pet that fabric...can I resist the urge to order some too??


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