Sunday, 19 June 2016

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles - Bubble Bee 2

I took part in two bees this year, I thought that would be easy. I completely underestimated just how long these bubble blocks took it to make. I fancied trying something new. The first couple took literally days, with lots of pulling hair out but not wanting to say too much. I didn't want the "you took too much on look". I have got quicker now. And they have become much more enjoyable, so a quick update on how far I have got.

These are the blocks I have received. I think at the end I'll add a couple of lime green and maybe a white bubble on a black background. In fact I think everybody should do that ..........

And this is the last block I sent. It should have had the colour reversed but the lovely Becky was happy enough to go with it.

The girls have all been lovely, all very helpful to each other and full of good suggestions. Hands up to Celine who is coordinating this bee with some folks making one bubble and some making two a month.


  1. I think it is fun to see progression in anything; getting faster at sewing the same block together is one of those things. :) The bubbles do look great, and a touch of color in the grouping you have sounds just right.

  2. Well done for persevering: the bubbles look great!


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