Saturday, 4 June 2016

And Your Point is? Yes, I Have a Point, Lots of Points

I struggled with Carolyn's flying geese, I did. To the point that this morning I put them in the post with some extra treats and a promise to do it again, properly, in a few weeks. Well, it kept me awake last night. So, today I took the bull by the horns, or the geese by the beak and did it again. Slower and in a locked room with no distractions. And it worked. So here we have my May block for Carolyn. Take 2.

It measures 16.5" all round instead of 17.5" and a bit.
I have all of the points all of the time instead of some of the points some of the time.

I am happy.
I can sleep easy.
My work here is done.
Until next months, I mean this month.

And I can honestly say I am a definitely a #bravequilter, a la Julie and her Pink Doxies. In fact, I will try to be a #bravequilter in June too and join Julie's campaign. This time I will master a mitred corner with a Y seam.


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  1. Yay congratulations! That looks lovely :)

  2. Well done Helen Jean. Roll on the Y seams!

  3. Yay!! You did it! Now let that block fly away :)

  4. Congratulations it is beutiful!!! Look forward to your Y-seam piece.

  5. I sometimes spend more time ripping than sewing a block, so I totally get this. So glad you're joining Brave Quilter. Y-seams. You really are brave!

  6. Helen, , You did well! I'm proud of you sticking to your guns with these geese. I'm also looking forward to seeing your mitred borders the first part of July. I know you'll ace them, but even if they're not perfect like these geese, the point is to try it.

    Thanks for linking up with #BraveQuilter.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  7. You must be really pleased with this block - sometimes all it takes is a closed door and enough time to think and you wonder why it was so hard the first time! Good luck for your June challenge!


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