Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Update on Stash Hive 6

As you know I had planned thwt  Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles was going to just sync in with my Stash Bee Round Up. But .... with so many lovely blocks we would have been there all night.
So a quick recap ...
As Queen Bee I have a philosophy. Keep it simple. Clean, uncomplicated and not too taxing.
I asked for big bold red plus squares and big bold red plus squares I got.  And I asked that we have fun and visit another worker bee to say hello. And have fun we did. Everybody was absolutely brilliant. The blocks got a great reception, there was lots of bee crashing and "everything was just lovely".
(Quick repeat of  Sunday's photos coming up )
I laid them all out in the garden  to get an overview.

And then a gust of wind blew them all over the garden.

The blocks came in fast and furious. The postman was in overdrive. I'm going to show you the first 6 worker bees tonight then follow up tomorrow with the others and the fabulous bee crashers. I realise now it is waaaay to much to blog in one go. So much for me and delayed gratification!

First to arrive were Judy's from Judy very generously sent me three blocks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Next up was Katie who blogs at and Katie fantastically sent me three blocks as well.

Coming quick and fast was Rebecca from who sent me an unbelievable four blocks, including a gorgeous one with a cup and saucer central block.


The two blocks with the cats I will treasure because Karen designs and prints her own fabric. I was so excited to see Karen's cat fabric and consider myself honoured to have it in my quilt. Karen isn't on IG and she doesn't blog                                                            


Tracey knows we love to holiday in the USA so she took the opportunity to include the US flag in her three blocks! Thanks so much for that Tracey. You can find Tracey at                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Last for today is our Bee Mama. And an excellent Bee Mama she is too, Sylvia of  Sylvia too was fantastically generous and sent me three blocks.


So, not so much sewing my stash, but making use of everybody else's stash this week!


  1. So pretty. The red and white combo is great.

  2. You really scored with this great block Helen.

  3. Quilter's are so generous! This will make a beautiful quilt! I should join a stash bee too sometime.


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