Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Fine Art of Bee Crashing

This blog post is way overdue, it has been busy busy busy here in the life of the recently retired. When did not working take up more time than working? I wanted to show you the outcome of all the crashing. Bee crashing, not car crashing. For the uninitiated, bee crashing is a fine and noble art form. A generous, lovely thing. Basically I am in stash hive bee 6, there are about 9 bees altogether. We see what the others bees are up to as well as our own. And, sometimes, some lovely people make the blocks for others not in  their own bee. And sometimes these lovely people are those you have previously "met" in QBL (quilter blog land) and other times they are virtual "strangers".

First up was Yvonne. Yvonne and I were in the same bee last year, and Yvonne coordinated the New Quilter's Blog Hop I was lucky to be part of. Yvonne is lovely. She reads and follows loads of blogs and leaves genuine comments and encouragement. She is also very innovative and has drafted some fantastic quilt patterns. I feel we have become good friends, I would love to have a coffee and a chat with her.

Next up was the lovely Lisa, another friend from the Quilter's Blog Hop of last year. This is Lisa's first year in a bee and its lovely she had time to make me a block too. Lisa last autumn made a gorgeous dog quilt in a doggone quilt a long from Lorna at Sew Fresh. I made this quilt in my head, Lisa made it in life.

A new friend from this year's bee is Tracey. Now, Tracey went to her local quilt shop (The Dancing Bobbin Quilt Shop) to buy some red fabric for my block. She told her friend, Cindy the owner, about my block. And guess what? Cindy made one for me too. How kind was that? Turns out Cindy is bee mama in Hive 7 and is on ig as @dancingbobbin

And lastly Linda. Linda is in hive 3, just spotted me and so kindly made me a block. And now I have Linda to get to know through instagram.

Everybody's blocks are not only lovely but very much appreciated and valued. Even more so because they are unexpected. This really does reinforce that old saying, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met. Mind you, all my bloggy friends are friends I have never met.

One last conundrum for you. And I apologise to anyone whose sensibilities this offends. Does anybody have a good swear word I can borrow? A swear word I can use as a noun, a name. I told the story before of how my daughter thought (when little) that slugs were called b*st***s. I'm a terrible mother. Well, yesterday we had a mouse in our bird table. YES a mouse. I know they are all God's little creatures and I can't pick and chose which bits of nature I like. But I don't like mice. I'm terrified of mice. A bad experience with a mouse when I was 8 years old. Traumatised for life. I only know one word stronger than the slug word, and I can't use it, not even for a mouse.

Helen x
I'm linking up here with Beth at Cooking Up Quilts. I'm really crushing on these quilt blocks this week, itching to get at them!


  1. Lovely blocks all! If you're looking for some good swears or insults, may I recommend going back to Shakespeare? I'd totally want to be friends with anyone who exclaimed "thou foul-eared knave!" or "thou pustule, thou pox upon humanity!" upon encountering an unpleasant sight!

  2. No good swear words but I do love all your blocks. It's not that I don't swear I just use all the usual ones.

  3. Lovely blocks you are getting. Your postman must be very busy!

  4. Absolutely my pleasure to make and send a block to you. This is going to be a wonderful quilt and I am excited to see it come together. You can have coffee, I'll have a decaffeinated tea. LOL! Hmm, as for a swear word, well, we use the really strong F word in our house, but it is alarmingly similar to our last name so one has to embrace the Fuchs a little bit if you get what I mean. You are welcome to just use our last name, which is German and in German pronounced "FOO-kx" but we say "FEW-kx". Oh, it means fox, by the way. I don't know if that helps any.

  5. Hive crashing sounds like a lot of fun, and how exciting it must be to receive unexpected packages in the mail! I had a giggle at your last paragraph....I use way too many words that I shouldn't. Hopefully you'll find the perfect word! :) Thanks for linking to MCM!

  6. No clever swear words from me (I just use the usual ones, probably too often) but I'm with you on both the mice and the slugs. You really hit it lucky with your bee blocks - what a lovely group of gatecrashers.

  7. Hive crashing sounds like a very good time. A bee hive party would be one you would want people to crash...the more the merrier! As for a name for your mouse-y not friend, I do like Yvonne's idea. But it sounds like "mouse" when yelled properly might just be the best curse word of all.

  8. We're too dry in our part of the world for slugs but with living on a wheat farm, we have more than our share of mice running around the grain bins. Luckily, we've only had one mouse get in the house and I couldn't begin to share the number of swear words that were flying around the house while we were trying to catch it. (We've also had a bird or two fly in our house and a toad hopped in through the back door once - but, thank God, no snakes!) Love your blocks, it's going to be an awesome quilt!


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