Sunday, 22 May 2016

Stash Bee Hive 6 Does Sunday Stash

As you know, I love it when things nearly jigsaw together and this is one of those occasions. Today for Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles I'm going to focus on my honey as Queen Bee of Stash Hive 6 for April. Add in a few purchases and the postman has been tripping up, (or is it down?) our driveway with regularity.

First my purchases. I have been plodding my way making a wedding quilt for two folks very dear to me. At first I was going ombre blues but switched to ombre blue and green. Then more ombre. So, a little fabric shopping in the Village Haberdashery online was called for to boost the blues. Funny how some blues look lilac when you see them! A little extra parrot green was called for. And when paying the postage anyway, a little extra low volume.

I also got some fantastic backing for my quilt from Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting in her blogversary sale. This origami fabric will be perfect. Mind you the future dil spotted the photo on IG and asked were the skeletons to be the backing!
And as for stash sewn this week ... well I was Queen Bee in April... get others to sew their stash for you.
As Queen Bee I have a philosophy. Keep it simple. Clean, uncomplicated and not too taxing. Everybody is able to complete, everybody has a feel good buzz and I have no difficult matching and sizing up. Win Win all round. With this in mind I asked for "plus squares." You may remember my blue plus quilt of last year ended up like the Swedish flag. The plus square was by default still on my list.

My only criteria were big bright red pluses and low volume backgrounds. And to have fun and to visit another worker bee and say hello. And have fun we did. Everybody was absolutely brilliant. The blocks got a great reception, there was lots of bee crashing and "everything was just lovely".
I laid them all out in the garden today to get an overview.

And then a gust of wind blew them all over the garden. Put it this way, I needed the exercise.

The blocks came in fast and furious. The postman was in overdrive. I was  going to show you the first 6 worker bees tonight then follow up tomorrow with the others and the fabulous bee crashers. I realise now it is waaaay to much to blog in two goes. So much for me and delayed gratification! I'll show you the individual blocks through this week.
Helen x
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  1. Wow, you got a lot of blocks as queen; that is awesome and way to work out the postman. :) I am loving how the wedding quilt is coming along. I enjoy seeing the block progress on Instagram.

  2. Poor postie! But great stash!

  3. The blocks look great together!!!

  4. Those bee blocks look great. I think it's good to keep bee blocks simple and fun. :)

  5. I love the little origami print fabric, it's so cute. It looks like your month as hive momma was quite successful. Your postman should thank you for the extra exercise :)

  6. I love the visual of you running around after the blocks in your garden! I also love your Keep It Simple idea for blocks; I've heard of many quilters pulling their hair out in frustration at some of the requests...Heading over to Fluffy Sheep, hope I'm not too late for her sale! I have a gift certificate too!

  7. I had to smile. I think a very large part of my stash has come from oredering extra to justify the postage!!

  8. Your keep it simple policy is perfect for bee blogs, and it has obviously paid off royally. I like your fabrics (and it's good for the postman to be kept busy).

  9. I always think it's a good idea to get the most from your postage costs!!! ;)
    You made me smile Helen perhaps chasing patchwork blocks could be an new Olympic sport. :)
    V x

  10. It's going to be an awesome quilt Helen.


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