Thursday, 14 April 2016

Le Challenge - Fine

FFFFiiiine as Kevin and Perry say. RRRRight. OOOKKKKK.
Fine means has many different connotations, just dependent on how you say the word. Is that an expression of onomatopoeia? Having just googled "onomatopoeia" it isn't really but it is sort of. Fine. Ok?
Fine - Our sofa came from Fulton's Fine Furnishings. A very fine shop indeed. No longer trading, but a very fine shop indeed.
Fine thread count - Liberty Tawna Lawn

As you may have gathered the word for April's Le Challenge is "Fine". I have made myself a fine scarf from some very fine cotton from that fine shop Liberty for the finer things in life.

I actually bought some Liberty offcuts from Shaukat Fabrics on the Brompton Road, but for the purposes of this pretend I went into Liberty to buy these fine fabrics.

The fabric was width of fabric and I had two strips. I joined them both together at both ends to make an infinity circle. Of course I cut a whack off first to keep for my hexies. I then folded the fabric in two along the length, right sides together. I sewed a narrow seam, leaving enough to turn the fabric out to the right side.  Then I found you can keep turning out but its all sewn to infinity. Duh. Plan B. I cut open one end, leaving a tube. I turned out the tube and resewed the two ends closed.

And there we have it, a very fine scarf indeed.

As it turns out I am away for the weekend (I know, I'm only back) with my scrapbooking chums. Sad as we are we have a themed photo for our scrapbooking page. We are all wearing pink, the pink ladies. So my scarf will be perfect and matches my cerise pink nails.

All the best,
Helen x
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  1. Love the scarf, have a good trip!
    BTW Fultons are opening again in Lurgan.
    V x

  2. You look very well in your finery ....I'd quite like to make a similar scarf.

  3. Very pretty and so nicely coordinated! Perfect for the le challenge theme :)

  4. Might I say, you look quite fine in that fine scarf ;) And I tell my teenager all the time sometimes it's not so much about the word you use, but the tone in which you speak it. Oh teenagers...sigh.

  5. Turning the scarf on and on into infinity sounds a bit confusing to me...but anyhow I'm glad you fixed it. It turned out great and by the way I finally mailed your block today!

  6. Gorgeous fabric for your very fine scarf.

  7. Looks like fine interpretation to me :) Well done!

  8. Love the fun you had with the word "fine." And a very fine scarf indeed.

  9. I love a good scarf and yours is definitely fine. Nice picture of you in the pink too!

  10. Lovely! Now i want one of those! Must go rummaging to see if I have any fine fabric!


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