Friday, 25 March 2016

When You Can't Have Sugar, Have A Quilt

Happy Easter, and say hello to my Easter Quilt. A throwback quilt, again. A number of years ago our Nana was in hospital over Easter. Her blood sugars were sky high, amongst other things, and I decided to make her an Easter quilt. To be honest, our Nana would rather have had an Easter Egg. But, when you can't have sugar, have a quilt.

I made this quilt using the attic windows block. I thought it would look cheery on the foot of the hospital bed. Nana loved it, everybody loved it.

And yes, in  case you were wondering. Nana still got her Easter Egg.
When I look at this now, I can see how my sewing has improved. . I doubt I even noticed the little quirks at the time that I see now.

Happy Easter everybody.
Helen x


  1. Lovely quilt Helen but I'm glad she got an egg too, everybody needs an egg of the chocolate variety. :)
    Happy Easter,
    V x

  2. I don't know Helen: I think I see my mistakes when I make them but then forget about them over time and refind them again when I look back....or really I guess when I look back I do see how much I've improved. I'm sure the quilt brightened up her room.

  3. Happy Easter to you too. I always think mistakes are the things which make a project unique.....well thats what I tell myself anyway.

  4. Happy Easter! I forget about my mistakes as soon as the quilting is done - don't think I ever look so close at a quilt again after that bit is done!


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