Tuesday, 22 March 2016

My Fairy Is Off On Her Travels!

You may remember that I took part in a custom critter swap on instagram in January. It was a small swap, and it ended up that Cathy and I swapped with each other. Not only did I come up trumps with what Cathy sent me, but we have become friends as well. Maya who made introduced me to the swap is good friends with Cathy. So it was lovely that when Maya's local quilt guild was organising its county show, she asked Maya and I to join in.

It was lovely to have been asked, but it made me realise how little of my own sewing I actually keep. This is something that my husband has pointed out to me several times. And as usual it turns out he is right. I couldn't find anything to send! Anything easy posted anyhow. I went looking for one of my nearly finished wip and found a fairy in my roof space.

I started this when my daughter was a little girl, she's now a grown woman. Flower Fairies were all the rage, she had a book of Flower Fairies and Poppy was her favourite. I had painted the backing fabric and used salt to smudge the paint. The orange poppies were hand painted too, and beaded. The fairy hair, dress and shoes were some sort of batik fabric. The backing is horrible, I didn't realise the backing fabric had a purpose too then. I took off the binding and straightened the edges and rebound it in kona cotton.

By complete coincidence Maya was sending her fairy to Cathy too. Maya's fairy is an interpretation of herself and very beautiful. I have included a photo, with her permission, and also of a fabric self portrait Maya made.

Then Miss Red and Miss White decided they would like to go for a holiday. Just to keep an eye on things. They heard Texas might just be a good wine area.

Miss White and Miss Red, their friend is not joining them
Another poem to finish off,
I told Cathy about the poem my Granny used to tell my dad and then me.
Granny Annie used to recite it as we shared a cup of tea:
once I found a fairy in my cup of tea,
she was nearly, drowned, (drownded) as wet as we could be,
I picked up her and dried her, and asked her could she stay?
Oh no, she said she mustn't, and then she flew away.
Helen x


  1. How lovely, the story, the pics and the poem 😀 thank you. X

  2. I remember that wee fairy! My two girls loved flower fairies too x

  3. Your fairy quilt is so pretty. Hope it enjoy the travel.


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