Sunday, 20 March 2016

London, Liberty, Life, and Football - Again

Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?
I've been to London to visit the Queen.
Pussy cat, pussy cat, what did you there?
I frightened a little mouse under her chair.

Well, actually I walked up and down the King's Road. I didn't see any mice but I did visit Shaukat to buy some Liberty off cuts, Daunt Books to buy my summer holiday reading and Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea play Paris St Germain. The Liberty was great, the bookshop was great, unfortunately those who worship at the temple of Chelsea were disappointed .... again.

I get strangely excited when I visit Shaukat on the Old Brompton Road. We walk past it anyway and it fits nicely into our routine. Not the friendliest of shops to be honest, but I never leave empty handed. A nice little addition to my hexie stash. As the youngest chick has just left home, and taken all her quilts with her, I need to finish my hexie tv watching quilt. Two of the fabrics are doubles, I might make an infinity scarf or two.

There has been a little sewing from stash too. I got the machine part of the binding onto my coins quilt, the bring brown back from the wilderness quilt. This is for my father and it tied in with Le Challenge back in the autumn. It was to be dad's Christmas present, but he asked for leather slippers so that gave me a reprieve. It was then intended to be finished for Easter but I have still to slip stitch the binding down. Easter is early this year, still a little cold for him to sit in his "pavilion" and listen to the sound of leather on willow on the radio. For anyone who wonders has he a strange hobby, he likes to listen to the cricket on the radio. A throwback to when he tended the tomatoes in the greenhouse.
an wip photo of coin quilt
bring brown back from the wilderness

the binding on coin
excuse the horrible night time photo

Helen x
linking up with the lovely Lucy at The Charm About You, Molli is apparently hobnobbing with Madonna


  1. Easter is rather early this year! I hope that putting the final touches on the quilt for your father is relaxing and fun - it's my favorite step in the process, I think. :)

  2. A scarf sounds like fun. Easter is early, but looking forward to the long weekend.

  3. I'm with your father. I love listening to the cricket on the radio in my shed/greenhouse and when I'm working in the garden. xx

  4. Beautiful Liberty, it would be lovely and soft in a scarf. Sounds like you had a great trip to London.


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