Sunday, 6 March 2016

I Was Corrupted, But I'm OK Now

I have been absent for a number of weeks, away but still here. My tablet stopped
connecting to the internet and instantly my life was changed. I don't use the family computer as I inadvertently made myself administrator last autumn and wiped all the I Tunes, none of which were mine, and all the spreadsheets, none of which were mine. It got sorted out but I swore I would never touch the d*** thing again. Then last week, my husband's new iPhone accidentally went in the washing machine. Are you sensing a theme here? Anyhow, my online life was restricted to my phone, in touch but not really participating.

Then I went to see a man wot knows, a lovely young man in a nearby computer shop for the technically challenged. He told me I had been corrupted. Well ..... I could have told him that already. Now I have been cleaned up and I'm not corrupted anymore. Just as well as I've finished my maple leaf quilt.

Its finally finished. Drum roll please. All from stash except for the binding. Straight line quilting, my favourite and bound in my go to binding. Rose and Hubble spot. It comes in every colour. Even brown. And I have enough left to partially bind my father's coin quilt. And as to the brown I used in the quilt? Well it is everlasting, there are still metres left of the backing.

Today my daughter went to the demesne. Isn't that a great word? We took these photos on way to collecting my father for Sunday dinner. Later we realised we hadn't taken one of me holding the quilt up. So I'll keep that for another post when I'll do the stats etc. After all, the quilt has been in my blog since I started, and in the making since 1998. I may as well get a bit more mileage out of it.

at the demesne
glimpse of the backing

I have some new stash too, a surprise parcel from my friends Sandra and Julie in Canada and USA respectively. I'll keep that photo for next week.

Helen x#
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  1. Lovely quilt. I love the glimpse of colours in the neutral background. Very well done. Congrats on this lovely finished.

  2. Congratulations on the finish and for getting un-corrupted! <3

  3. I am glad that you are no longer corrupted Helen! The quilt looks great!

  4. Yeah its finished! Looks lovely back and front

  5. Yeah its finished! Looks lovely back and front

  6. Great finish. Glad to hear you're not corrupted any more.

  7. Love the quilt Helen, it looks great! I do recognise the photoshoot venue, wish I'd been passing, I'd have given you a toot.
    So glad you not corrupted anymore. ;)
    V x

  8. An outdoor quilty photo shoot, love it. It just looks like a quilt I would want to snuggle under when the leaves are off the trees and weather gets colder. I'm glad to hear your tablet is not corrupted anymore. We shall never be completely un-corrupted ourselves. I'd like to think that is part of our charm.

  9. Yeah! It's a finish!! It's lovely. Well done :)

  10. It's beautiful Helen and well worth all the hard work!..I love the colours too x
    Hope you're having a good week,
    Susan x

  11. Yahoo that you're corrupted or not corrupted or whatever, yahoo that you're back!! Love the maple leafs, er no that would be either grammatically wrong or a hockey team, make that the maple leaves quilt!! Glad you are done and glad you are keeping it on the blog for more "material" pun not originally intended! Okay red face of shame here from a former English and French teacher but what is a demesne?


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