Thursday, 25 February 2016

Stash Bee Time Again

This month in hive 6 we had a improv month, great I love these. They are so stress free, no right or wrong way to do anything - just be creative.

Rebecca B, or @oneweebird as I know her on instagram, asked that we make her an improv block based on log cabin. Three colours, working round the cabin from left to right. Either 12 1/2" or 6 1/2" blocks. 

These were so fun to do, I made several. Two big blocks and a cluster of little ones. 

I hope all the blocks this year are as stressfree, but I doubt it. Two months until my go!

Not my usual long rambling post this time, my laptop is disconnected itself from the internet. We have no idea. And our big family computers scares me - last year I accidentally wiped all the iTunes, none of which were mine, and millions of spreadsheets, none of which were mine. Hopefully normal service will resume since. In the meantime, hope you miss me! 

Helen x


  1. Improv. needs some skill too! Lovely colour :)

  2. Love the "wonky" blocks they are great fun. Hope you get the laptop fixed soon.

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  4. Love the blocks Helen!
    Eeek I bet you were popular re the computer!!!! 😁

  5. Definitely miss you! I like the block.

  6. I wish I could say improv is stress free...your blocks just have a big ol' grin of delight on them. Lovely colours. Glad to hear from you. Damn on the computer woes...

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