Sunday, 24 January 2016

Craic at Craftswoman

Sunday Stash again with Molli Sparkles, this is quickly becoming part of my bloggy routine whilst watching War and Peace. Maybe I would understand War and Peace better if I concentrated solely on that.

I have a little stash in this week. I went, with one friend, to buy wadding for my Modern Maples Quilt, not to my local quilt shop but to a general fabric and haberdashery shop called Craftswoman. I have another friend who works there and so get free advice and a bit of what we call "craic" thrown in. No, not drugs, but a bit of chat and a bit of a laugh. Isn't it time Craftswoman rebranded itself? Rather an archaic name in this day and age.

Anyhow, I bought tons of wadding and wandered off to look at the FQ tray. I was looking for some black or grey for my bubble squares. There was very little to inspire me so I only bought two. I couldn't even meet the buy 4 get 1 free offer! And then I saw some orange fabric reduced really cheap. I needed a little orange for the Union Jack block designed by this very Molli Sparkles. My friend Maureen who was with me and hasn't quilted for many a long year, says "but why would you want orange for a Union Jack? It was red, white and blue last time I looked". Not being a modern quilter she didn't understand why my modern quilting friend/shop assistant burst out laughing. I also bought some quilting thread for the Modern Maples, I will probably have to return for another spool.

I worked hard this week at my machine. Having grappled with spraying, basting and pinning said Modern Maples Quilt, I began quilting.

 I love straight line quilting, I think I like it best of all and for this it suits my purpose best. This quilt has taken me so long, there is no one direction the seams go in. Its a bit lumpy and bumpy, a bit like myself.

 Funny, in all the years I went to classes, I never quite understood the importance of ironing seams open or being consistent. It took this second time around for these things to sink in. So ......... straight quilting is best. I have done 1 line down the centre of each square, and 3 to each side, each the width of the foot apart. I am making good progress and hope to finish the quilting this week.

I have also trimmed the excess fabric from Mrs Hot Hot Hot and the Coin Quilt. Oh, I told you that last post. Well, now there's a photo to prove it.

 I've also sorted the binding for the Coin Quilt. I would like to buy a brown spot, the Rose and Hubble spot I often use for binding. But in my rather copious brown stash and I had all this prairie grass/sand dune print. It is rather insipid. But, it will get rid of it for once and for all if I use it in the binding. "Use what's there" "Use It Up and Wear It Out" all those frugal mantras I have heard over the years. But, brown spots would be more fun. Well, maybe not fun, but more interesting. Less Bland.

Am I nearly finished all the brown? Nnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooo! I still have a few metres left of the Modern Maples backing. Boy did the lady in that shop see me coming!!

OH, a little lesson learned in my basting. I need more safety pins, regular pins prick your fingers. Those of a delicate disposition may wish to look away now. Spit apparently takes blood off fabric, your own spit preferably. But, don't spit on your fabric after you have had beetroot for lunch.
Just saying.

Helen x
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  1. It looks like you are putting that wadding to great use already. I definitely use my own spit to fix little pinpricks from when I am hand binding, it works like a charm!

  2. Beetroot! I'm laughing now, but hope you haven't left too much of it on your lovely quilt.

  3. You spat beetroot on your quilt?? HELEN!!! :)

  4. Quilting coming on well.....must make a trip to Craftswoman some fine day!

  5. Great idea for the quilting, but really!!!Beetroot!!

  6. The grass and dunes fabric? I HAVE IT!! Well, think it's all gone now, maybe one or two bits in my low volume plastic baggie. I used it in my brother's wedding quilt - 2004. It's a fabulous fabric--I never thought of using it for binding. That would be better than a stripe. Yes I knew about your own spit to take out blood, and yes, that would be because I, too, have used straight pins when I ran out of the quilting safety pins (before I discovered Quilt Basting Spray (cue 'ahhhh!' from a choir), and I, too, have tried to drill one through my finger before...not good. I love what you are doing on the MM quilt. It will be so effective. I can't wait to see what you do with Mrs. Hot Hot Hot. :-)


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