Saturday, 19 December 2015

Week 50 ? in 52 books in 52 weeks challenge

Another chick lit this week, though not a seasonal one. As a change from Christmas I started reading Marcia Willett's new novel, Summer On The River. Usually I do read my Christmas books at Christmas and my summer books in the summer, but this was a brand new virgin novel spotted in my local library. Too good an opportunity to miss.

Marcia Willett is amongst the better of the chick lit authors. In fact chick lit is probably a bit beneath her. She does undoubtedly write women's fiction but it is quite mature, way beyond the get drunk get laid chick lit that seems to be the trend now. Or maybe I am just getting more mature myself.

Evie's family is a modern family. Step children, cousins who are like children, friends who are like brothers or possible husband substitutes and randoms who become absorbed in this melee. They are also rather posh. The posh that thinks it isn't posh. That thinks it is just an ordinary person. But ... ordinary people don't old prime real estate in London and second homes along the coast/river/countryside and be md of wine import export trades. Apart from that it is a story about ordinary folk leading ordinary lives. Lives of love, missed opportunities, stolen opportunities. As I said last time, it is impossible to say to much about this type of story without a spoiler alert. Much easier with a good old murder.

Read this book. You won't be disappointed.
Although I lost count ages ago of the number of books I have read, I am deliberately not counting them until nearer the end of the year. I really don't think I have read 52, but am interested to find out. I guesstimate about 40 or so.
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  1. I do like Marcia Willett, must look out for this one x


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