Sunday, 27 December 2015

Stash Sunday with Molli Sparkles

It is Sunday today, it all feels a little confusing. The days are starting to merge into one another in a haze of wine and turkey. Yet I am feeling strange. I have an urge to put the hoover round, not like me at all, so Christmas must be a few days in.

I have some stash to show you! My new best friend, soon to be my favourite dil has a special place in my heart. Not only because I am genuinely fond of her but also because she feeds my fabric addiction, in particular my Liberty addiction. She braved the crowds the Saturday before Christmas to fight her way into the Liberty Haberdashery dept. And this is what she came out with. And came up trumps too I must add. I love this tana lawn. As she said, it will make a change to all the florals and will great in my growing stack of hexies. Isn't it amazing how a whole half metre can fold up so small? Is that an oxymoron, a whole half metre? Discuss amongst yourselves over New Year and get back to me. Now I have officially left work I shall have plenty of time to ponder mysteries like this.

The rest of my stash was self financed from Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting. Over Thanksgiving Cindy had a flash 20% off sale and I topped up my Kona cottons. For once, I wasn't buying on spec but with a project in my mind. We have a wedding in the family next year, and I just have to make a wedding quilt. Well, I do, don't I? Blue is a strong colour in our family so blue it is, with just a hint of bright pink. I'm thinking along the lines of an ombre quilt. Basically lots of stars with the blue fading in or out. With a little flash of pink every now and again. Next year sounds a long way away, but its not really. And I've been bought the proper Aurifil thread.

And lastly, this fantastic grey print may have snuck in to the Fluffy Sheep basket too. Just because I liked it, and I've something in mind in grey/black/neutral tones.

And oh yes, I nearly forgot. I won a fq of this gorgeous green kangaroo fabric in an instagram giveaway. From the I was chuffed so I was.

On the sewing side, its more about what I don't have to show you. I didn't finish the quilting on my dad's Christmas quilt. I totally relaxed when he asked me to buy him leather, sheepskin lined slippers from the Daily Telegraph Shop. Fairly took the pressure off that did. It's really meant to be a quilt for him in his summer house when he's listening to the cricket on bbc radio. So, plenty of time there then.

The other non finish is my 20 year quilt, which is stretching into another year. It is for my husband. Luckily it is the same husband as it really has taken me 20 years. I decided it needed another couple of rows. Having waited this long, we may as well have it done right. I have fallen back in love with it again. Not the husband, I have always loved him (pass the sick bucket), but the quilt. For a while I really disliked it, but ........ watch this space.

Helen x
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  1. The Liberty botanical print is lovely! You ARE blessed! What a nice gray text fabric also!

  2. Lovely whole half of Liberty and lots of stuff planned so it sounds like a busy 2016 for you.

  3. What a beautiful addition of Liberty, I agree it will be nice with your other hexies. How thoughtful and caring of her to get it for you! I really love the solids you picked up for the wedding quilt, too. :)

  4. Ohh that liberty fabric is gorgeous! Def a keeper and loving the tones for the wedding quilt good luck- 2016 def shaping up to be a busy one for you already :)

  5. What a great DIL - that Liberty piece is lovely, and she's right - it will be a nice addition to florals. Happy Holidays!

  6. Any Liberty is good Liberty, right? I can't wait to get back in to sewing with mine.. I need to pull an awesome pattern of my sketch book to really show them off. Thanks for linking up, and good luck on your new sewing adventures in the new year!


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