Saturday, 26 December 2015

2016 Quilting Goals

So ............

By beginning this blog post, I am contradicting one of my main Quilting Goals for 2016 before I have even started. I mean to be focused and organised. So, really I should be summarising my 2015 year first, and I should be blogging some unblogged makes of 2015. But, I want to strike while the iron is hot. Yvonne of Quilting Jet Girl is holding a quilty link up party for aims and goals, and I don't want to miss out.

  1. to be more organised and focused in my sewing. To plan what I need to do and not get sidestepped by IG swaps, or something that looks more tempting than the job in hand.
  2. in a follow on from above, to do my bee blocks early in the month. The month can creep by very quickly, it doesn't creep at all, it whizzes past like a fast whizzy thing. To that point I have reluctantly decided not to rejoin the Modern Quilt Ireland bee. I have rejoined Stash Bee and a Bubbles Bee that seemed exciting. I will miss the MQI bee, but will there in spirit.
  3. to finish up more of my wip. My husband is still waiting patiently for his 20 year old quilt. I WILL finish it soon. I have too, my 25 year old quilt, still on the bed is really falling apart. It is nearly an embarrassment. Like going to A&E wearing grotty undies!
  4. finish up all the other assorted wip and my bee quilts. Folks were kind enough to make me the blocks, I should finish off and show them off.
  5. to make my son and his fiancée a wedding quilt. To be finished before they are married, not several years after.
  6. to be fit and healthy and slim and have a tidy house
  7. oh, 1 last one, to put into practice and build on the expertise I learnt through the New Bloggers Quilt Hop and strengthen the friendships I made.
Helen x


  1. Great goals, I need to have the same ones,

  2. It does feel good to write things down, doesn't it! It all sounds very virtuous, good luck!
    V x

  3. Thanks so much for linking up, Helen! I agree that the months go whizzing by, and that is definitely why I try so hard to get my bee blocks done early, too. It's not always possible, but goodness a month can just disappear. I hope that retirement and your quilting goals for 2016 settle together nicely, and I am so glad we met this year! :)

  4. You have so great goals for the coming year. Many goals that have been listed by those participating are the same or similar. May you be successful in reaching each and every one.

  5. I love the sense of humour you gave to your goals. I for the record I posted the 2016 goals well before doing the 2015 wrap up as well...just seemed easier somehow. I love goal six which is a very large goal l.o.l. The tidy house is beyond my imagination, although I have been sorting and tidying all sorts of things lately. Here's to strengthened friendships!

  6. These are great goals. Here's to a wonderful 2016!

  7. I'm sure the months, and years, go by faster the older I get! Good luck with your goals, and have a great year in 2016!

  8. I love this post and your humor. "it whizzes past like a fast whizzy thing" Yes! A million times yes! I always think, "next month doesn't look so busy" when looking ahead on the calendar, but darn if it isn't just all filled up nearly as soon as I turn the page for the new month. I think one of the ways I'll be working to achieve my goals in the coming year will be to schedule time for them. Like actually carve out and protect that space on my calendar. This whole "trying to fit it in" thing is only working so well. :-)


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