Sunday, 15 November 2015

Le Challenge - Method - Le Socks Pour La Bebe

It is with sadness that I think about Le Challenge, as I write this, I am thinking about the atrocities in Paris this weekend. This affects not only the Parisians, the French but all of us - you and me. And it is with this that I send all my best wishes to Paris and Parisians and French people the world over. Paris is for lovers, it is where I spent my honeymoon.

Belfast City Hall lit up for Paris

Le Challenge this month is Method. I could have used last month's cooking extravaganza for this too if I had held off! In fact I hope to make some chutney and chilli jam this week, but there is probably some clause in the annals of Le Challenge about repetition!

Instead I am using some baby socks I knitted as this month's entry. I had been puzzling over what to use, and then I realised I had my entry sitting in my work box. A pair of baby socks. A pair baby socks for a virtual baby. ~ Well a real baby, but only known to me in blog land (QBL) though I have met the baby's mum once or twice.

socks for Cutsey Tootsie

The pattern is I am afraid from a library book which I have returned last week. And, in the aftermath of storm Abigail and the rain from ex hurricane Kate, I was not heading to the library to check the title. You don't really want the pattern anyhow. The Method, when followed was supposed to result in a pair of baby socks. What resulted was a pair of baby bootees. Very nice bootees, but not socks.

They were knitted in Debbie Bliss baby organic cotton, in a washed pink colour and it was a joy to knit. You really do get what you pay for with baby wool. I just wanted to keep stroking these across my cheeks, but enough of my secret wool and fabric stroking. Oh, and I used my new Knit Pro sock needles from the Textile Studio in Belfast, from a shopping expedition with the son's partner, Hippocamel.

The bootees have been sent to the little one concerned and her mum assures me they are much appreciated by mum. Her cutsey tootsies will be cosy in these, if they ever stay on!

helen x
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  1. Sweet! :)
    Aren't knit pro needles excellent!
    My thoughts too are with France.
    V x

  2. They look super soft ... I really should finish the ones I started a few years ago!

  3. That Debbie Bliss yarn looks gorgeous and the socks so sweet.

  4. How cute! Thanks for sharing on le challenge.

  5. I love the yarn! Variegated is my favorite, and soft makes it so much better!

  6. Those are adorable, socks/bootees, whatever. There are actually sock needles? Who knew. Clearly I have never knitted any socks...


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