Saturday, 28 November 2015

52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge week 470

I have no idea what week this, it is three weeks until I finish work, wahey, and three weeks until my family all start to come for Christmas. It is also two weeks since I last blogged. Feeling a little under the weather and all that, but back on form again now, with two books to review.

The first was read a couple of weeks ago, so please bear with me if this review is a little scanty! It was the much awaited Marian Keyes novel "The Woman Who Stole My Life". Much awaited as Marian Keyes had "taken a break" due to ill health and this book marked her return to form and hopefully a good place in her life. My good friend, and a major player in my well being, Liz Winnifred reviewed this book earlier in the year and duly passed her copy on to me. Read her review, it is really good.

I don't want to say very much and cause any spoilers. This is a big risk when reviewing the genre known as chick lit. Much easier to review a thriller with twisty turny bits, I find. The chick lit is much more straight forward, too easy to give the game away. Anyhow, this is a great novel, about a woman, Stella Sweeney, who loses herself, finds herself, loses herself and finds herself again. What makes this different is it is well written and with a good dash of humour and self deprecation, which always goes down well in my book. (oh, I just wrote a pun).

Not sure if this is out in paperback or not, but worth putting on your Christmas list.

My second book this week is a book of short stories. "The American Lover" by Rose Tremain. Generally speaking I really like Rose Tremain. To me she writes great thinking novels. However, I hadn't realised this was a book of short stories when I borrowed it from the library. Then, when I was feeling feeble, I thought it would be easier to read. But .... great stories but all rather sad I felt, a lot of pathos and glass half empty going on there. I thought it was just me feeling unwell, but maybe not. My genealogy work friend, the divine Miss F, funnily enough was reading short stories the same week and said exactly the same thing to me. Coincidence or what.

Maybe short stories are for Christmas and train journeys. Or just meant to be about Sherlock Holmes.

no idea how many books I have read. Really will have to count but I am sure its not 52. But for now, I'm to watch strictly, just like Marian Keyes.

Helen x

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  1. I've just read my first Rose Tremain - The Road Home, for book group and I didn't much like it because I found it so depressing and at the moment I either needed a twisty and turn of a thriller or something more up beat.

  2. Bit interested in Marian Keys one....

  3. Loved that Marian Keyes, must try the Rose Tremain, have loved her novels x

  4. Hope you are fully recovered soon. I haven't heard of either of these books but they sound interesting.

  5. I do read an awful lot Helen but never enough fiction...I think I should add it to my resolutions for next year...I may be asking you for your top recommendations!
    Have a lovely Sunday,
    Susan x

  6. Glad you're back in QBL...I will note these books, but I am not putting them on hold at the library as I have um, 3 coming in, one which is there for me today to pick up...cheerio!


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