Sunday, 4 October 2015

Life London and Liberty

~Samuel Johnson famously said he who is tired of London is tired of life, or some such thing, and it is true. I, we love London and visit several times of a year. We love the nightlife, no we don't. We love the restaurants, the Royal Parks, the walks along the Thames, the football and in 2015 the Rugby World Cup. There was the small matter of Ireland v Romania, which we won and lots of eating and catching up with family and friends. I also snuck in a little shopping.

I reckon my husband should be grateful, I don't drag him round shops for hours on end, but I always try to sneak in a visit to Shaukat on the Old Brompton Road for the Liberty offcuts. Handy as its near the Troubadour which we often visit for breakfast. This trip was no different and this is what I bought: (actually it is different, it used to be £4 for a big piece and £2 for a small, now its £5 for a big piece, still a bargain.)

I have been making epp hexies flowers, for oh such a long time now. I have 20 completed. I thought I had more but this morning I counted 20. They are all Liberty fabric and so far all floral. I do have other Liberty fabric but am unsure whether to stick with the flowers or not, I want this to have a modern vibe to it but not a messy vibe. The plan is to sew all the floral hexies first, and then take an overview.

This is a short post, there's been the little matter of Ireland beating Italy and two bottles of red wine. Ireland is now through to the quarter finals in the rugby. Don't expect we'll win the final, but enjoy the ride whilst it lasts!

Ooops just noticed, I already have the second from left in my stash. Ah well, had to happen sometime.

Helen x
linking up with mollisparkles and sunday sew my stash. And great minds think alike, they are featuring Liberty too!!


  1. It sounds like a lovely visit! The fabric is nice, and I especially like how the print on the right of your photo looks like the EPP flowers you will be turning it into!

  2. Lovely Liberty . :) lovely London too, it's been a while since we visited , must address that!
    V x

  3. Lovely! I found Shaukat on my first ever trip to London in July. What a wonderful spot and SO much Liberty to choose from. Looking forward to seeing what your EPP flowers turn into. (Go the All Blacks!)

  4. Delicious fabric ...are you for sewing all your hexie flowers together?

  5. Delicious fabric ...are you for sewing all your hexie flowers together?

  6. These are great! So much work involved here so I wish you all the luck in the world with this long term project. Don't give up! (and if it were me, I'd throw some non-florals in there just for variety!) ;-)

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