Sunday, 13 September 2015

Bring Forth the Brown

Brown is a colour. Love it or hate it. Back in the 1980s everybody loved brown. Now in the 2010s brown is the scurge. As much as 1970s orange. No, sorry, we like orange again. I always liked orange. My lucky socks now lost were orange.

My school uniform was brown, being fair haired I suit brown. And back in the 1990s I bought rather a lot of brown fabric. It has malingered in the roof space for more or less 20 years and reappeared recently to have another stab at my modern maples quilt. In the 1998 it was my falling maples quilt, now in 2015, still unfinished it is my modern maples quilt. Nearly finished. Put on a real surge for Le Challenge earlier in the year, but it needs another row or two.

Modern Maples Quilt,
this old chestnut you're probably thinking 

But brown is creeping back, my partner for my #ukminieasyswap likes brown. It seems she likes traditional browns and oranges, not modern brown browns and oranges. Not a problem. I have brown to share. I'm making her a tote, and it is coming along.

This month's Le Challenge is "wilderness". This is my chance to reintroduce brown into society. Brown is coming out of the wilderness years, like Winston Churchill back in the 1930s. Come to speak of it, they liked a lot of brown then too. My plan, by Wednesday is to make a quilt top out of these brown fabric strips. Perhaps.

This surely is sewing from my stash.
Helen x
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  1. Oh no I was so excited finally able to see finished maple quilt!!! Xp
    Some brown is nice. Bring them out!

  2. I'm not a great fan of brown.....but your fabrics are lovely. ....very Autumnal.

  3. I'm not a great fan of brown.....but your fabrics are lovely. ....very Autumnal.

  4. Hip hip hooray for brown! Looking forward to seeing your stash transformation!

  5. I've always been a fan of brown too! My school uniform was blue 😛 My stash of Civil War fabrics is growing and there are a lot of brown shades in that, one day it will become a quilt...

  6. Brown can be such a perfect choice for a fall quilt. I really like wearing it as a color, too. :) good luck sewing your stash, and quickly!

  7. Glad some of that brown is making it down OUT of the roof space and INTO a beautiful Fall quilt! I'm not a fan, but paired with the right colours it can be so very rich. Like chocolate, right?!


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