Sunday, 16 August 2015

More Bits and Pieces

My last sewing post was entitled "A Little Piece of This and That", well this is more of the same, "More Bits and Pieces". At the minute I am mostly playing with lots of things, doing whatever takes my fancy.

I finished up a quilt for Bee Blessed for Judith and Sarah. I can't take credit for the quilt itself, which is a shame as it is gorgeous. I merely basted, quilted and bound it. I decided to let the lovely orphan blocks stand out, so I quilted in the ditch of the block seams, and did three more rows either side. It pleasantly passed a Sunday morning, and some of the afternoon, and a little of the evening too. Though in between we did bake biscuits and watch the Devil Wears Prada, again. The quilt is to go, with I believe 16 or 18 others, to the local children's hospital. They will be much loved and cuddled.

Bee Blessed

The biscuits were fun to make. They are part of our Great British Bake Off project. Last year we made the start bake each week. This year, so far, we have just baked something from that week's programme. Much less stressful! We were going to make double chocolate and sour cherry cookies from Edd Kimber's The Boy Who Bakes, a former winner. But as my kitchen fairy had sorted out my cupboards and thrown out all the out of date stuff, we had only single chocolate, no bicarbonate of soda and no brown sugar. She's young, she believes the date on the packet fairy tale. They still tasted ok, as did the oatmeal and sultana cookies.

Great British Bake Off, week 2
I've dragged some children's fabric out to my stash for a quick baby quilt. I need a 1st birthday present for a special little girl for the weekend. She may be getting a book instead. A book is a very special present.
maybe a quilt, maybe a book

I thought I would show you some of the fabric I have "acquired" recently. A few bits and pieces. The first lot came from Darn It and Stitch in Oxford. The second lot from the Textile Studio in Belfast from my visit last week. The third cache was Japanese fabric bought a few weeks ago from the Eternal Maker in Chichester, it came by happy post.

Darn It & Stitch, Oxford

The Textile Studio, Belfast

The Eternal Maker, Chichester

This gorgeous plain fabric is part of the Fabri-Quilt New Block Hop 2015. Some of those of us who took part in the new bloggers blog hop are making a square each for a charity quilts, to be basted and quilted by the blog hosts, Cheryl, Yvonne and Terri Ann. My blog tutorial is 3 September. I'm off work the 31 August for the bank holiday. Guess what I'll be doing?

hop, hoppity hop

I'm still working on my ATC card (am I?) and have to finish my bag for the MQI Summer Tote Swap, but no more photos yet.

My squares have started to come in for my month as Queen Bee for the MQI. So far I have received squares from Erin and Maya. Maya kindly sent me some extra fabrics. I will definitely be using the zombie, and using a red background. Maya takes part in lots of zombie type swaps, so this will remind me of my new friend. My squares are the top, Maya the centre, and Erin the bottom.

My Queen Of Sheba Bee Squares

Well, I think that's all for tonight. And enough to be going on with. All the best for now.

Helen x

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  1. She's young, she believes the date on the packet fairy tale... BAHAHA. I am going to tell my eldest daughter this. I tell her, the date means it's BEST by that date; it's still okay after... Those cookies look to die for. I haven't made my block yet, have doodled a bit. The Bee Blessed quilt is fabulous. Fabulous. Books ARE special presents...speaking of that, I finished Girl on the Train last week. Very good. Raced through it. Thanks for that!

  2. You have a lot of great projects going on right now, Helen. I really like the quilt you quilted to donate, and I bet that the birthday girl will love anything you make her! I am so glad to know you got your fabric for the block blog hop, and the Polaroid blocks are looking great - the size variation is really fun!

  3. Polaroid quilt is going to be lovely! I think, however, you may be a fabricholic! X

  4. Awe, you need to tell your fairy that sugar is a preservative and doesn't really go out of date, mind you, you are lucky to have a fairy, so don't be too hard on her!
    There's some lovely stuff in the Textile Studio, isn't there, way too tempting!
    V x

  5. Sounds like you are super busy! Love the look of that baby quilt :) Gorgeous fabric stashing too!

  6. Youre very busy as always. ....such lovely unusual fabric for your stash!

  7. You are busy indeed. Lovely new fabrics!!

  8. That Polaroid quilt is going to be AMAZING!! I can't wait to see more!

  9. The bee blocks look brilliant together! I have 1 navy done and should finish an orange this evening - loving this!

  10. Wow you've been busy. I love the bee blocks quilt. It looks amazing all together. Lovely new fabrics as well.

  11. What is it with kitchen fairies these days? Mine does exactly the same. You have been busy with some great looking projects. I love your new stash fabrics.

  12. Love the baby quilt, I am working on a pink one along with to many other things


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