Friday, 28 August 2015

A Little Bee Crashing

I "met" Carla in Blogland, she very kindly left me some comments on my blog when Stash Bee 2015 started way back in January.  I blog in a very small way, sew for fun, not too many followers, blog in when I can, you know the type of thing, so I was delighted when Carla sought me out.

She has also very kindly bee hopped a number of times, all in all Carla seems a thoroughly "good sort" so I thought I would make her a block.

Carla, aka Granny Maud's Girl, asked for "wishy washy" colours reminiscent of the sea, 16 x 4" squares to include at least 1 pinwheel. So, here it is. I left the stronger lavender on the corner in case she wants to unpick it.

block for Carla
Carla and I also share a love of family stories, genealogy, and we both understand how people's eyes glaze over when you begin to tell them how fascinating this! Are you still awake?....

Helen x


  1. Carla is so lovely, and I think it is awesome she is reaping a bit of her generosity by getting a few of us to make her extra blocks now that it is her turn as queen. It will be fun to see how the quilt comes together for her.

  2. Don't underestimate the interest your posts generate Helen! I never 'skip' past a notification from you, I like the way you mix the everyday and your other interests with your patchwork and quilting updates. We are watching the cricket 20-20 final on TV and looking out for our son in the crowd - he works at Northants CCC. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Dublin and the rest of the long weekend.

  3. Thank you, Helen! It is so very kind of you to make me a block. I am starting to get excited about putting them together.

  4. Hey I have that grass fabric!! Bought in my (then) LQS in Sherwood Park Alberta, Canada. I put it in my brother and his partner's wedding quilt. Love it, and I used it again in a quilt of my own. It's a great one. Like the pinwheel in the top corner.


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