Sunday, 5 July 2015

Mrs Hot, Hot, Hot and Mr Cool

Whilst you are reading this I will hopefully be cooled by the gentle breezes in Portsmouth on the south coast of England. If this hot weather has gone, I'll shivering in the wind in Portsmouth. And if my daughter forgets to hit publish for me, I'll be home again. I will also hopefully seen a little of this.
last year's fun

and a little of this

Last year my sister spotted us on tv, all I can say was it is very hot and tiring watching tennis. That was why we went for the champagne and afternoon tea. I'm the one in the hat with the matching face and top. The husband is the grumpy looking sod beside me!

Last year I joined my first bee. I can't believe I have come so far, sewing wise, in just such a short space of time. I had watched the bee from afar, stalked it, played the voyeur. One Friday night after a bottle of wine, shared with husband who'd sneaked off to bed, I joined the online Modern Quilters Ireland. It was free, no commitment. No-one need ever know. Two months later I was in my first bee. As Cindy told me, when she emailed when someone had dropped out, just breathe and relax. Any problems, email me.

The first couple of months I was so nervous but soon got into my stride. The next big problem was to write a tutorial. Me? Write written instructions with maths that had to work? Keep it simple I thought. So, I "wrote" a tutorial for a wonky cross, and linked in to a tutorial in Bee Blessed for a wonky cross as a back up. Bee Blessed is a local charity sewing bee, and I am very very loosely involved, but that is another whole story for another day.

The blocks started to arrive.

Anyhow, when I got my blocks, this was going to be one humungous quilt. So, I decided to make two smaller quilts for the garden loungers and to make a few extra blocks. I hate the feel of the fabric on both our sun loungers, on every sun lounger known to man, against my feet. I tend to sit in the sun wearing socks. I was just going to divide the blocks in two, at random.

Cue the daughter and my niece. They decided to go with warm colours, cold colours, and so the quilt for Mr Cool and Mrs Hot were born. I'm happy to hash tag Mr Cool on instagram, but I am NOT hash tagging Miss or even Mrs Hot on instagram. Particularly not Mrs Hot. To be honest, it should really be Mrs Hot Flush. With the current  hot weather it has become Mrs Hot Hot Hot.

The summer is upon us and if I don't get my act together the summer will be over, summers are short here in N Ireland. So, they are pieced together and just need basted and quilted. We are holidaying at home for a week in mid July. What do you reckon my chances?

Mrs Hot Hot Hot

Mr Cool

Mr and Mrs

Helen x
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  1. The quilt tops look great Helen and no definitely do not hashtag Mrs Hot on IG!!!
    We're holidaying at home this week and the weather forecast is dire! :(

  2. I love the idea of dividing up your blocks by warm or cool colors - they look great and good luck getting them finished up on your holiday!

  3. They look really good and keep you warm for sure. Great choice!!

  4. Love the quilts. Well done for taking the plunge into your first bee. I love the thought of #Mrs Hot on IG. Enjoy the tennis and the South Coast xxx

  5. PS I'll be sending out some Aquilegia seeds this week for you. The seed heads are finally ripening in this warm weather

  6. I know all about what it's like to be a Mrs Hot Hot! You have my sympathies! Splitting the the blocks into two quilts is a great idea. I hope you do have time to quilt them before the summer is over!

  7. Better hurry, I think summer was last week! Lovely quilts x

  8. What a great idea from the design of the block to the two finished quilts! Two, or in this case, three, heads are better than one. I can totally relate to your Mrs. Hot, although our summer has been one of the coolest so far on record (and I like heat), so I'm not suffering many hot flashes (I think the "flush" name, as my English mum also calls them is more à propos). A week to quilt those two babies? No sweat (pun intended) right?

  9. Summer - wasn't that last Tuesday, between 2pm and 2.30?!

    A week to quilt both? Pfffff... They look great, split into warm and cool colours.

  10. I love that pic of you two on TV. These quilts are great. I look forward to seeing them quilted. I joined a couple bees (okay, 3, but one is a charity bee) this year and this month is the first month that I'll be receiving blocks. It's very exciting. :-)

  11. Great idea to separate the hot and cold - they are both genius! Love the names you've given them too!


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