Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Le Challenge - Direction

Another month, another Le Challenge. For anybody knew to me through the Blog Hop, Le Challenge was set up by Nat and Lucy to literally challenge us. Challenge us to make or finish something by the 15th of the month that ties in with the "Le Challenge" and sometimes to push the boundaries, both of sewing and thinking.

July's Le Challenge was "Direction". For somebody like me with a terrible sense of direction, this was quite a challenge. So, the obvious thing was a map.

The pouch was to be 4" x 5" and to hold bank cards when we go away, which we do now and again. Unfortunately all my bargain zips were 6" at least, so we have a sewing hexie pouch.

I made a small pouch with some map material from a charm pack called Barcelona and lined it with some bicycle fabric from Liberty. The rather expensive Liberty fabric was used with a cheap and cheerful orange zip from a bargain bucket.

Just make the normal pouch way, a sandwich, top stitching and flip inside out. Add a little top stitching.

I decided to embellish it with a star and "you are here" sign like you see in street maps. Not to sure about this, it looks a little clunky so it may come out again. I'll see how I feel in a few days. If it just has that primitive naive form of stitching then it stays. I want it to have an organic feel. That actually kept me awake the other night trying to think of the word, organic. Vegetable, I thought, no not vegetable, simple I thought, no not simple, ORGANIC  I thought. That was my eureka moment. If I had been in the bath I would have leaped out. (Science joke, reference to  Einsten)

To be honest, map wasn't my first thought. In my youth, in a small rural town, we spent a lot of time in Gospel Halls, it was a big thing through the summer holidays.  You learnt a few bible verses and won stickers and pencils. It always finished with the preacher leaning over the stand with a long look and saying, "and when you go home tonight, which direction are you going in?"

And, my friend's grandmother had a large picture of John Bunyan's Pilgrim Progress in her living room.  Pilgrim had to chose between the narrow straight road to heaven decorated with harps and bibles, or the broad curving road to hell decorated with what looked like drink and debauchery. A scary painting indeed for a ten year old to look at over lunch.

Helen x
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  1. Great pouch. I've not got a great sense of direction either. I never get lost though, I go the 'Scenic Route' instead

  2. A fun interpretation of the theme! I like the embroidery--hope you keep it.

  3. Fun pouch and I like that organic addition!

  4. Haha, love your memories, only in NI!!!
    Great pouch too! :)
    v x

  5. Snicker snicker, leapt out of the bath... and aww, I feel sorry for 10-year-old you... I love this pouch, very ingenious interpretation of the Direction theme. I really like the organic (I could SO relate to your description of searching for the word) stitching. It adds a unique touch and a bit of whimsy in my mind. The orange zipper is perfect, and we can always use small bags for sewing accessories and projects! Liberty fabric...ahhh.

  6. Hi Helen: I love that you paired an orange bargain zipper with liberty fabric. I'm happy that you have a nice little bag for your hexie projects. I also like that image Are you headed in the right direction.

  7. Love the combination of colour. Very nice.

  8. So fabulous and love the stitching! Maps are a great way to interpret the theme! Thanks for linking up to le challenge:)

  9. I love maps and I'm good with them! But I've not much sense of direction without one. This weekend when we set off from a campsite I wasn't sure if we were walking towards Bristol, or Bath where we hoped to meet my parents!


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