Friday, 26 June 2015

June Block, Hive 2 For Yvonne, Quilting Jet Girl

Hello if you are popping over form the New Quilter's Blog Hop, nice to meet you. And, if you are making a return visit, nice to see you again. And, if you are an old friend, well just hi there old friend.

June has been a busy month, a graduation of a doctorate son, a holiday and joining the New Quilter's Blog Hop, plus of course the housework, the ironing that isn't actually quilting related and all that sort of stuff. Oh, and work.

I was looking forward to doing these blocks. Not only has Yvonne been kind enough to show an interest in my quilting and blogging over the last few months, she has also been soo busy and helpful with the New Quilter's Blog Hop. I've been lucky, Yvonne is my bee momma, and it has been great knowing her already. Took away the nerves knowing Yvonne was there behind the scenes.

I was also excited, because like Yvonne I love getting letters. My husband used to write me letters, now its mostly emails, because we are too busy to phone each other (?). Emails, have you done this, can you do this, what are you doing? I'm only joking, he writes nice emails too. But, we used to write letters. Sometimes because I lived in a flat with no phone, and heaven forfend, there were no mobiles in those days. A letter arrived next day. And sometimes, we wrote because we were romantic. My proposal came in a letter. Enough.

Yvonne asked for a 16.5" block with a texty insert, a lv background and two shades of colour for the envelope. My first was a blue one. I love blue. Never have enough blue. Airmail letters used to be blue. And the texty fabric nicely toned in.

I was so pleased with this, I made another. As a thank you to Yvonne I decided to cut into my treasured hoard of Doe fabric, by Carolyn Friedlander. I picked the greys and used a computer board texty print for the letter. Seems rather appropriate in these high tech days. I kept my off cuts as I have now decided what to do with my stash of Doe fabric by Carolyn Friedlander.

I have linked to Yvonne's tutorial in the Stash Bee in case you want to check out the actual measurements and maybe make one yourself.

And, I came across this rocket boy fabric in Fluffy Sheep Quilting, an online  quilt shop based in Galway, Ireland. It seemed rather apt, though I have a feeling Yvonne posted that she had bought some of this very fabric. Well, maybe a little more might be useful! I bought a FQ and divided it between us. As someone who is constantly dieting, I hesitate to say a Fat Eighth. An eighth of anything is never fat.

Helen x


  1. Prefect fabric choices -love that Doe and the jet boy fabric seems a good match for a Jet Girl!

  2. Great blocks and I love the Jet Boy fabric. I agree with you too that an eighth of anything could never be called fat xx

  3. Great blocks and I love the Jet Boy fabric. I agree with you too that an eighth of anything could never be called fat xx

  4. I fat eight is like a fun sized candy bar...just enough to tease you and make you want the whole thing. But we have to have them anyway.

  5. Such unusual fabrics.....Lovely!

  6. Awe you 'old' romantics!! ;)
    Love your blocks, great colours and I love the print fabrics .
    Have a good weekend Helen,
    V x

  7. Oh my goodness, Helen, the keyboard print is so perfect and I *love* the rocket age fabric line. You are so kind and I am super excited to receive your blocks!

    Getting letters is such a nice relationship builder, and, yes, our letters are mostly emails these days, too, but it is fun to occasionally slip him a note in his lunch at work or find one on my pillow at night. :)

  8. Lovely blocks Helen and I love the fabric choices too......especially the blue block with the text,
    Hope you have a lovely new week!
    Susan x

  9. I'd almost forgotten about those lovely envelopes with paper inserts, I tend to just use plain business type ones these days. Your blocks are a very pleasant reminder of the days when writing letters to friends and family was the norm. ☺


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