Thursday, 18 June 2015

Buzz Buzz Bee

June has been a buzzy buzzy bizzy bizzy month. My birthday, and I do still count them, regardless of what my dad thinks, and a graduation in our family. Of course the graduation was the priority but my birthday kind of climbed on top. So, I am only getting my bee blocks for the Modern Quilters Ireland done now. The link takes you to her instructions. Yes I know, they are May blocks and this is June, but bizzy bizzy bizzy.

Maya asked for two blocks in green and pink, one the reverse of the other. As usual, I took my own tack on doing them and cut my squares all wrong. Not the case this time of bad maths but bad reading. Once I re read the instructions properly it was grand. The two squares came together really easily.

They were kind of four small log cabin  squares, a black triangle sewn two opposing corners and then then the four squares pieced together. This makes a star within a square with lots of little squares in between. When this is all pieced together it will be lovely. All sorts of geometric things going on. And, I love it. I even like the green and pink and black, and I must admit that's not one of my favorite colour combinations, but this time it works.
blocks for Maya, slippers optional

A quick update on my pixellated heart quilt. This has been ongoing from November last and is very very nearly finished. All basted and underway with the quilting. Deadline is Sunday afternoon, and I am working Saturday. Bizzy buzzy bizzy indeed. It seems to have grown, last photo was over the sofa, this is photo is on the washing line.

are there any pins left in the house?

Now I just have to get cracking with my June bee blocks. A envelope block for Yvonne, Quilting Jet Girl in Stash Bee, Hive 2 and a block of lots of little squares with a star for Erin on Twin Mom Quilt for MQI. A Starburst block, exploding in front of your eyes. Again I have linked to both for you.

And this all comes nicely together as this year I joined the New Quilters Blog Hop. Yvonne is my hive momma and Erin and I were were blog critique buddies. Thankfully Erin was very kind ---- just as well as she is waiting on her blocks!! The Blog Hop is made up of some 70 bloggers with 17 in my  hive. My turn to host the hop and introduce myself is Monday coming. Oh er, not nervous in the slightest. So far I must admit it has been a very interesting experience. I've learnt loads of new things and it has all been very positive.

just a photo,  not a "button"

until next time,
Helen x


  1. I am so glad the blog hop has been a positive experience for you so far! :)

    I really love how your slippers match the bee blocks you pieced - that is really fun.

  2. I made a mistake on mine and put the squares on the wrong corners of one so Maya got 2 mismatched ones! Looking forward to your post on Monday!

  3. I love the colours on the log cabin blocks......gorgeous photo with your spotty slippers. Belated Happy Birthday!

  4. Love your blog! I particularly enjoyed one of your older posts about packing for holidays. I feel like I've discovered a kindred soul! I accept some clothes are necessary but really they are there to provide soft couriers for the gifts, hand sewing and reading...

  5. I like your matching slippers :) Looking forward to seeing finished heart!


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