Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Can't See The Wood For The Trees

This post was supposed to be "released" on Saturday past at 2pm precisely. Clearly the scheduling didn't work, or the person scheduling didn't do it properly, quelle surprise. Anyhow, we are just home from Portofino in Italy and had a great time.

Anyone who has followed me for a while, is there anyone?, will remember that I have been battling away, sorry, beavering away at my maple leaf quilt for many years now. Not to go through the whole thing again, but I bought the fabric way back in 1998 on a family holiday in New England. The shop Heartbeat Quilts in Hyannis is closed down now, but I was there for about an  hour choosing fabric, the kids over heating and fighting in the car when their dad finally came to drag me out. Years went by and I got fed up the quilt and threw it in a cupboard.

Many many years went by and I started sewing again, but this quilt kept niggling at me. The cost of the fabric, the hope placed in me that I would make a quilt for our bed, etc etc. Fast forward to now, and I have almost got a completed quilt top. Hopefully made a little more modern - a modern maple quilt but still using the original fabrics that I bought. And hopefully, a completed quilt top for Le Challenge on 15 May, though not a completed quilt. That would be totally unrealistic.

I have other things to blog about too, our trip to New York at Easter, and the uk mini quilt I made and received and the ATC trading card swap as well. This is a short blog post, I'm trying to post date it for the first time so, short and snappy in case it doesn't work.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend
Helen x


  1. Congratulations on being so close to a finished quilt top! Really old projects can be really hard to find the motivation to pull back out and work on, and I think it is awesome you have persevered with this.

  2. I loved the story behind the quilt, my husband has had to drag me out of craft shops too! It is going to be a stunning family heirloom when it's finished, not long now!

  3. It's such a lovely quilt top ug would be a shame not to finish it, especially since you almost fried your children and I suspect risked a divorce to buy the fabric !! ;)
    Glad you had a lovely holiday,
    V x

  4. I follow you! Glad you had a great time in Italy. Love the quilt top especially the way the leaves all face different directions.

  5. Looks great - persistence paid off! How was Italy? Fab I imagine!

  6. That's a long time project Helen. It looks great. You have to finish it!

  7. OOOh love the beautifully random leaves....nearly there - keep up the great work!


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