Monday, 16 March 2015

Le Challenge - March "Passion"

And another Le Challenge month has rolled past so quickly, I have ended up posting right to the wire this month.

"Passion". This made me laugh, in certain parts of Northern Ireland we have an expression, "its pashin' down outside", or for the more refined "it is raining outside". Should I make a mini quilt of wellies and brollies? Then again, I could take passion in its literal sense and finish the pixelated heart quilt I began back in November, as yet unfinished.  It is for my cousin, made with love, but she will have to wait a little later. I need to add two more rows of white and I've more or less run out of white kona. Then, last Wednesday night the hubs and I went to a wine tasting in Groomsport, by the seaside. The word of the evening was "passion";. Passion for wine, the whole package. the love of it, the nose, the taste, the knowledge ..... just not the drinking, though of course that is the most fun part of it. There was also the passion of the viticulturists, the wine growers, a real passion for wine. I could do something based on our 84 bottle wine rack, but that may give you the wrong impression.

So.............. I went with giraffes. That's right giraffes. Now, I don't have a passion for giraffes, but apparently giraffes, or male giraffes to be precise are actually very passionate. Part of my job involves singing songs and basically acting the eejit for pre school children once a week. We have loads of glove puppets, very versatile - apart from the old macdonald had a farm, we use them for peek-a-bo, guess the animal and all sorts of fun. Problem is we never knew what noise a giraffe made, and we had two glove puppets. We used to neigh and offer a prize for whoever discovered what noise the giraffe made. Well, one of our lovely grannies told us the male giraffe when feeling the neeeed for lurve, when feeling passionate, coughs. That's right, he coughs. "cough, cough, excuse me miss giraffe, cough cough, would you mind if I just .....". You can imagine how it goes. So when you hear the giraffe cough when at the zoo or animal park, perhaps it is time to move the children along!!

the nearly finished quilt thrown over the chair

I picked this giraffe fabric with the contrasting stripe and circle fabrics to make a baby quilt for the granddaughter of a friend. The little girl was born before Christmas so the present is very overdue, unlike the baby. I love how this quilt comes together.

The mum loves sludgy jades and mustards rather than traditional pinks so this seems to work well. I chose a contrasting mustard spot for the backing. They all came from a local quilt shop.

nearly finished
I definitely remember Lucy, or maybe Nat, saying that for the purposes of Le Challenge, a completed quilt top will suffice. Between work, and mother's day, I haven't got the binding sewn down at the back. St Patrick's Day is tomorrow and is a holiday for some, luckily for me but not the hubs or daughter, so I'll get it finished then.

And hopefully some more besides. Tomorrow or Wednesday I really want to cut out my Summerville fabric. At the moment I want to make a giant plus quilt for myself, but may change my mind before then.

All the best for now,
Helen x
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  1. I had no idea about the coughing; that is very interesting! The baby quilt looks great and good luck getting the binding finished up soon.

  2. Love the colours in your quilt.....think its nice not to have pink. Interesting facts about the giraffe!

  3. This post made me laugh!! Great quilt and fun way to link to the theme :) Thanks for linking up to le challenge x

  4. Beautiful quilt and I love your picture of the amorous giraffe! Has put me in the mood for a visit to the zoo, picnic too?

  5. I was getting excited about the wine and than you cut it off with giraffes, lol. They are pretty cute though.

  6. Haha you learn something new every day....coughing.....who knew!!!!! :)
    I love the colours of your quilt, much nicer than sickly pinks!
    And yes passion has a whole different meaning in Norn Iron, doesn't it!
    V x

  7. Very cute quilt but love the explanation and the tie in to the challenge!

  8. A lovely baby quilt, really like the spotty back and binding.

  9. Oops, did not check all the entries. Glad I checked, I did not know giraffes were passionate! Love the quilt, and the cute giraffes! Thanks for joining in!


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