Monday, 23 February 2015

Photo Challenge 1 - (The Littlest Thistle Camera Challenge)

This is the second post in a row which doesn't involve sewing or knitting, but then this was always intended to be a lifestyle blog, but I'll try not to make a habit of it! Katie from the Littlest Thistle has very kindly to help those like me get more out of my "grown up" camera, the camera which only occasionally comes off auto. Not strictly true, back in 2012 at the Olympics I discovered it was better to take photos of the cyclists with the little arrow pointed to the sporty thing. In fact, I actually jumped in fright the camera shutter thing went click click click so fast. I admit I don't know what most of the other bits and pieces are on it. I would like to know, but my eyes just glaze over when I so much as glance at a camera manual.

Katy set us the challenge of taking two photos of an inaminate object, or macro, a portrait, a landscape and a sporty thing. One photo was to be set to auto and the second to the appropriate icon which appartently chooses the appropriate shutter speed and light filter. It was interesting to compare the colour and light of both. So here goes Challenge 1.

Seemingly in the world of photography I am as last minute as I am in everything I else I do in life. Daughter was out and husband has man flu so Jose kindly stepped into the breach for the portrait photo. He is posing nonchantly beside our gas fire in the sun room (lots of light) and is standing in front of our new painting. (our 30th anniversary present, husband had hope of red stilettos, but these are the only ones I showed any interest in).

jose on auto 

jose on portrait 

Secondly I focussed on the macro shot, and tried both indoor and outdoor. Indoor are the red roses (to match the red shoes) from Valentine's Day.

roses on macro
roses on auto


Outdoor the shot is of the corkscrew hazel in our garden, which is the first sign of spring to come. A little spot of cheerfulness in the late winter.

witchhazel on macro

witchhazel on auto

Unfortunately when it came to landscape I was going to go to the beach but the weather changed for the worse, so we have the sculpture of a plane in our local park. It is a crap photo I now, but it was raining/snowing and my tea time after a day in work.

Add caption

landscape on auto

landscape on landscape icon
Unfortunately I didn't get the sporty photo. I intended to use my camera at Ulster Rugby but last match it poured. It was even too cold today to go to the motorway bridge and capture the traffic! I will try and catch up on this.

I haven't listed the shutter speeds etc with these photos, but I did notice there was a difference between the auto and the icon photo.  I wouldn't have noticed this before.  I can also see icon photo is  sharper and colour better. This looks like being a fun challenge, and I am grateful to the lovely Katy for her help.

Helen x

ps hope I labelled these photos the right way round!

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