Sunday, 15 February 2015

Le Challenge February - Dots

Natalie and Lucy were kind enough to give us, and themselves, a month off from Le Challenge through December. Time to catch a breath, so we weren't thinking of it in the run up to Christmas. Though.... I am a last minute sort of person, so the break in December would let me off the hook more, no more on the 14th December deciding what to do for the 15th. And so, instead, I find myself lying in bed on the night of 13th January wondering what to do for link up on the 14th/15th January!
Now, the head executive of troubled Tesco, or a refugee in Syria has much more important things to keep them awake. But, I chose to toss and turn over whether to make a case for my glasses or to make a painted card. I hesitate to say painting, my painting is not that good.

I'm not terribly tall, 5' 1" or thereabouts, but I do have a passion for bags. My current favourite bag I use most days is my Mulberry bag. Lucky for my husband that I'm short, it means he could  buy me the smaller sized bag which is remarkably less expensive, I hesitate to say cheaper. I also have bags for different things, I have my cross over leather bag from TK Maxx, anonymous make, which is big enough to hold my Canon camera when we go to sporting events like the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games. When we go to watch Ulster or Ireland play rugby though, it flaps around my side and catches in the tip up seats. Also, bigger bag means more crap which means heavier. So I bought this little dinky DKNY bag. I may be wearing 15 layers, a ridiculous hat with ear flaps and walking boots, but my bag is still stylish. Bit difficult when I have the essential iphone for checking facebook and ig during the boring (sorry less interesting) bits, my gloves, my inhaler for the cold air, some money, some tissues, lip balm and keys. And now I can't read said iphone without my glasses.  A small fabric glasses case seems the answer. I have bought those little dinky glasses in the pharmacy but they don't do it for me.

Due to the tight time scale my dot covered glasses case was sewn in my lunch and tea breaks in work in Saturday. The blue lining fabric is Rose and Hubble and the red is something from my local quilt shop. The red tape was knocking around. Basically I cut out 4 rectangles, the blue slightly smaller. I sewed one red and blue together at the short end, twice. Next I laid the long strips on top of each other, blue on blue, red on red. They were stitched right round, leaving a small gap to turn them through. Then...turn them through and stitch to anchor the red tape to the outside seam in the red. Fold back the flap and there you are. Being hand sewn I don't expect this will last for ever, but it will not be any great problem to make another. In fact, I might top sew with the machine just to secure the seams.

Apologies for the lack of photos, my windows surface will not co operate with the internet and I am so frustrated. Also, knackered after two subsequent weekends of partying to celebrate the husband's 60th birthday - a weekend in London, then weekend guests and a house party, both great fun. And then this weekend working to recover and recharge the batteries!!

And what of the painted card? We used to go on lots of car journeys when my parents finally got a car, they used to drive for hours to admire the view of where ever. Many's the time I was told, you must see it, it is there, a dot on the horizon. Sometimes this dot was Scotland in the distance, Rathlin island in the distance, a monument, a particularly interesting bird flying past, a windsurfer off the coast of Cranfield. And then I did the same with my children, you must see Scotland, there it is, a dot in the horizon. Can you not see the peregrine falcon, circling, a dot in the horizon etc. I was going to do stripes of green and blue, some sheep in the foreground (I have a lovely sheep stamp) and a dot in the horizon. Can you see it? Is it a sheep, a man or just a dot? Maybe next time.

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  1. Sounds like you have been busy and had some fun! Good for you! Cute project!

  2. We should all be so lucky to spend our 60th in London! Hope you are recovering well from all the partying :-)
    Visiting from Le Challenge - cute print you chose for the case!

  3. Happy birthday to said husband, it sounds like a good time was had by all!
    Looking forward to the painting !!!
    V x

  4. a girl cant have too many bags! the glasses case.

  5. I like you case and it's colors! I also spent many hours riding around in cars as a kid and remember the dot on the horizon! You are not alone in you memories! I did enjoy those times with my parents all those years ago! Thank you for reminding me! Have a great week!

  6. I'm titchy too at 5ft 0 and you always need lots of bags - so many occasions, so many things to carry! Great idea for the glasses case. Sounds like you have been having a great time!

  7. Hmm I am as short as you, but go for the more expensive bags, so usually bigger - maybe I should stop, my husband would certainly be happy! Love the case.. Think about passion now.. Thanks for linking up to le challenge!

  8. The glasses case turned out great! I always have to wear mine, so I never need a case;). Happy birthday to your hubby!!!!

  9. Ahhh ... The dot on the horizon we have that too.....or sometimes "it flew away" . Lovely case, makes me hungry as they look like fried eggs! Great dotty make athough "passion" has me thinking!


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