Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Stash Bee Hive 2, January block

I for my sins joined another bee this year, Stash Bee, an international bee and I am in Hive 2 organised by the lovely Caroline. Caroline is also bee mama for January and asked for a  heart in either pink, red or purple with a lv background, incorporating some of the main colour. Although I have a fair amount of purple in my stash, I thought I would go with pink. I have some nice lv with pink, some of Wee Wander and a gnomes fabric, Better Gnomes.

The heart used 14 different pinks, and you know what I had exactly 14 pinks in my stash. And that included some charm squares from the recent Irish Modern Quilters rainbow charm swap. I am definitely keeping the rest of them though for a rainbow quilt in the long distant future.

I remembered though I had some nice lv with purple hearts, I had this long before the phrase lv (low volume) was even invented. It was part of a range of fabric of red hat ladies, which brings me back to my favourite poem again, "Warning" by  Jenny Joseph. (I should set myself a challenge to see how many times I can mention this poem throughout the year). So I have sent a little of this to Caroline too, she can maybe incorporate this too.
I still have to finish Anneliese's blocks for December, for the Irish Modern Quilters, they are in hand. Then Ruth's blocks for January. They will be fun to do.
And still have to catch up on all the other bits and pieces. Hazel made some book bags as Christmas presents, they still have to be blogged, they were top secret at the time. And, ta da, I have finished Hazel's knitted socks. And very proud of them I am too.
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  1. I like how you were able to find LV prints with touches of pink in them for you block. I wasn't as successful in doing that myself. :)

  2. I really like your heart block. I really must try making one. Perfect for S. Valentine's too!


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