Thursday, 4 December 2014

Reading More Sewing Less, Week 2

I think I have turned into Katie from "What Katie Did", the Katie who was convalescing rather than the Katie who fell off the swing. Perish the thought that I would be on a swing. I have problems enough walking straight never mind on a swing! Yes, I still have the vertigo and am still mostly lying on the sofa watching the telly. Telly with not much movement. No car chases or jumping up or down. I have metaphorically bought holiday homes at home, away, in the sun, in the winter sun and have an opinion on them all. I am not likely to be buying a holiday home at home, away, in the sun or in the winter sun, but if I do, I know what I want. Bright and modern, with all mod cons. None of this "this is the way people lived 200 years ago" malarkey for me.  Renovated old buildings are fine but renovated with all mod cons, central heating, air conditioning and luxury kitchen please. In my dreams really! I am also an expert on Miss Marple, but that is fine. I was an expert on Miss Marple and Poirot before, and am just brushing up my expert knowledge, should a occasion every occur when I need to show off my in depth knowledge of Agatha Christie.

The plus side is I have lost another 3 lbs, way to go!! Can't get out to go shopping and don't feel up to baking, so no biscuits or cake. Just what my long suffering husband cooks for me.  And the reading is coming along. I am getting through my backlog of unread books rightly, just in time for this year's Christmas intake. I live in a family of readers, I come from a family readers. My friends are all readers. I find it strange when I am in a house with no books. What do they do when they are bored? As a child, my mother always said, "you are never alone with a book", and "you're bored? Go read a book". So, this is the stack of books I have read in the last 10 days.

 But don't worry, I have most of these in our man cave still to read.

And now to the sewing. Last year when I began blogging, I joined the Modern Quilters Ireland and took part in their Christmas table runner swap. That caused a lot of sleepless nights but I survived, I received a lovely table runner and my partner seemed pleased with my effort. This year is a Christmas cushion, great a cushion is easier than a table runner. So, I stalked my partner and ordered my fabrics accordingly. She seems to like penguins, dogs and I liked the gnomes. I thought I would make a pale Christmas tree set against a striped background. I can see it in my head. The tree was to be asymmetric like the Le Challenge cross cushion I made last month. And then I decided to keep it simple and make the tree central. Duh. Maths is never my strong point. My tree is neither asymmetric nor central. Just not right. I tried to amend it but just didn't like it. So, back to the drawing board.

Today I cut strips and fussy cuts 3 1/2" deep and used 1 1/2" white Kona to join and run between the strips. With 2" top and bottom this brings it roughly 19" each way. It has to be in the post by 13th December, so I am happier now the back is broken, so to speak. I have a blue zip for the back and with some straight line quilting, I am in the home stretch.  And as for the first attempt - I'll take the back off, cut it in proportion and re make the cushion to a smaller size. Either to keep or give as a present, or maybe finish next year!!

I still have my bee blocks for November and December to make, but will not be doing them until I am sure I can do a good job on them. And I have joined the Schnitzelandboominiquilt swap. It has a deadline of mid January. Not for ages and I know where I am going with that. Hopefully. I have also joined the international Stash Bee so am looking forward to making some quilty friends around the world.

All the best,


  1. It really is time Mr Vertigo took a hike, poor you and not just for having to put up with being unwell but having to watch daytime TV everyday as well!
    I love your fabric choices for your cushion especially the Santa one.
    Hope you fell better soon,
    V x

    1. I obviously mean 'feel' and not 'fell', that's the last thing you need!!

  2. Sorry to hear you are still not feeling well.....hopefully things will improve in time for Christmas. In the meantime, put your feet up, enjoy the reading and your husbands cooking.

  3. It's such a nuisance being ill at this time of year so I wish you a speedy recovery and make the most of the feet up whilst you can :)

  4. Your man cave is waaaay tidier than ours! Can't imagine a house with no books! Love your fabrics in both cushions, hope you feel better soon, my dad and my aunt both suffered from Vertigo. Hopefully the Christmas movies will start and you'll have more variety in your viewing!

  5. Those Christams cushion looks pretty! I hardly read. My mind is just way to busy and I find it hard to concentrate on reading. Get well soon!


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