Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Read More, Sew Less

I was tempted to use the title, 3 in a bed for this blog post, but no, might open up the doors to the weirdos I am told exist in the interweb. Princess Diana once said there were three people in her marriage, there are definitely only two people in my marriage, my long suffering husband and myself. But...we do have a visitor. Mr Vertigo has come to pay me a visit. He follows me about the house, when I get up or sit down, when I want to reach something out of arm's length or in a low drawer and he insists in getting into bed with us. He has his own pillow, I am currently sleeping on three pillows, contemplating four pillows. And he likes a bit of warning before my husband rolls over or gets up creating waves in the ocean of our bed.

So, in the meantime, more reading and less sewing.  Rather frustrating as I have three quilts at more or less the quilting stage and several small presents I want to make and a cushion for the Modern Irish Quilters Christmas Swap. Hopefully he will be gone by the weekend. Better be, we have friends coming to stay the following weekend, my car MOT is booked and the Christmas season is getting underway, presents to be bought and puddings to be made never mind stirred. I'm hoping to get to both the Slimming World Christmas dinner (and yes, I choose traditional Christmas dinner and figgy pudding) and a cousin's surprise 40th birthday party at the weekend, but have to wait and see.

It goes without saying the photos aren't great, no way am I crawling on the floor!
My son's plus quilt is pieced, just needs basted and quilted. The daughter says it looks rather like the Finnish flag. This is rather ironic, I originally called this blog "the finish one before I start another" but when I did a practise google search, it brought up all things Finnish, strangely enough. A friend has just called for coffee and says "are you making Scottish flags?" Ho hum.

my giant plus/finnish flag/Scottish flag quilt

The pixelated heart quilt is for the surprise 40th at the weekend. The lesser surprise is that her surprise present is unfinished. (there we go, that word finish again). My cousin has had a difficult year health wise. This time last year she was in a upsetting place and I wanted to make her a quilt but I knew she was fighting her illness with everything she had. I thought maybe a quilt would give her quilty cuddles but afterwards it might remind her of being ill. Her 40th birthday is a much better celebration.  The quilt needs one more row of white top and bottom and then quilted and basted. I'm thinking a red and white stripe for the binding.

my giant heart quilt made with love

Hopefully by this time next week, I shall be feeling better and have some "finishes" to show you.



  1. Oh dear hope you feel better soon Helen, that is no fun and you definitely need to be ready for some fun!
    Gorgeous quilts and I'm sure your cousin will love her heart and you're so right something so lovely needs good memories!
    V x

  2. Your giant heart quilt is beautiful and will be much loved - lucky cousin. I hope you get over the vertigo soon - poor you!

  3. Hope you're feeling much better soon Helen....x
    I really love your 'Heart Quilt'....your cousin will definitely treasure it x
    Susan x


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