Friday, 14 November 2014

Le Challenge November - Cross

Gosh, November already. Another Le Challenge, and this makes it my 13th Le Challenge. This month the gauntlet thrown out was "cross" - cross stitch, cross face, hot cross buns, cross. I had had in my mind for a while I would like cushions with a cross of some sort on them. I made my aunt a throw last year based around a green and black cross and had been pleased with it. My bee blocks as queen bee in the Modern Irish Quilters stash bee were wonky crosses, plain kona with a clashing wonky cross.

The husband had been asking me for a while to make some cushions. He had seen some in Roche Bobois, a French furniture company with a showroom on the King's Road, London. We have some of their white leather furniture, but the cushions are extortionate.

And so the design began. I planned on a 20" cushion, with 2" stripes (inc seam allowance) in graduating kona solids. I began with a white cross in the planning. Didn't like that. Tried a black wonky cross, looked rather threatening. So back to the drawing board with a straigforward black cross, set off centre. All went well, except the dark purple looked rather lonely on its own and when I had finished my cushion was 2" too skimpy. Bad maths again I suppose. Out came all the fabric, upended on the floor in case there was a long 2' strip of kona I had somehow forgotten about.

And, there was! Unbelievably I found a 4" strip of light purple, or what in the old days was known as "mauve". Perfect. Except as I had used a quilt as you go method, I had to pick practically the whole darned thing to fit in the light purple. And, you know what, the light purple gave a cohesive pulled together look to the cushion and just made the sizing that bit more generous. Perfect.

The backing is some Irish linen I had bought in the summer. We went to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and I had coffee with Katy Cameron, aka The Littlest Thistle. I had brought her some off white Irish linen as a "hello, pleased to meet you" gift. I had kept back just enough to do the cushion back. I found a cream zip, bought goodness knows why, and bob's your uncle as they say. I'm pleased with the first time zip though a longer zip would be even better. Bit of a wrestle to get a 20" cushion through a 12" opening.

the finished cushion

There was just one problem, apparently this looks nothing like the Roche Bobois cushions, they seemingly had circles or squares or some such....



  1. Who cares if it looks nothing like the Roche Bobois cushions, yours looks stunning against the white sitee.

  2. looks great and not a copy but a Midget Gem original!!
    V x

  3. I love it and the way it looks against the sofa, very professional looking. So much work went into the making, I can't believe you unpicked it after doing a QAYG method, wow!


  5. Love it -- even if the road to cushiony perfection was a long one!

  6. Love the cushion! Very striking against the white sofa - I love Roche Bobois as well, but really those prices! Thanks for participating in le challenge (your 13th, whoohoo!)

  7. What a fun cushion! Well done!


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