Thursday, 16 October 2014

Le Challenge October 2014 - Mix

Le Challenge
10p mix up
For anybody growing up in the UK when you play the word association game "10p mix up" is an obvious answer. For anybody outside the UK I am sure you have your cultural alternative. A 10p mix up is that halcyon mix of cheap sickly sweets that are high in colour, additives and all things bad and depending on your perspective lots of taste or no taste at all. To be honest the taste is quite chemical, saccharin and horrible, but at the time they were fan dabby dozy.

Fruit salads, a small pink square
Black jack, friend to the fruit salad, a small liquorish square
Gob stopper, say no more
Fried egg, a white gelatinous sweet with a yellow centre
a few pseudo liquorish all sorts
Drumstick, a brick hard white square on a stick
Rhubarb and custard
Midget gems, which are of course a sweet of quality

These sweets also could be bought singly, for in my day 1d each or by my children's day 2p each. How's that for inflation? They always came in a tiny little white bag.

But I kid myself. I was very rarely allowed the 10p mix up. On a visit to the sweet shop I hoped against hope but the answer was generally no, they are bad for your teeth and full of junk. Well, yes and yes but I still wanted one. Instead I got a small finger of Cadbury's chocolate. And when I say a small finger of Cadbury's chocolate I mean a small finger of chocolate. So small they don't even make them anymore. It cost 2d in old £ s d money which is about 1p in new money. (new money was introduced in and around 1970 but it is still "new money" to some folk, no euros here). And this chocolate could be broken into a bit every day or eaten in one go, but if eaten in one day that was that for the week. Those were the days.

So, here's to the 10p mix up, which my children always wanted too and very rarely got. They were allowed a Freddo bar but they were allowed to eat it all at once.

My own 10p mix up has a gobstopper, a couple of rhubarb and custards, some liquorish allsorts and a fried egg. Enjoy.



  1. ah yes I remember the mix up well along with koala cubes and lemon bonbons

  2. Well that mix up won't rot your teeth!!!
    I'm obviously older than you Helen because I can remember getting four fruit salads/black jacks for 1d, you could get a whole bag of sweets for a thrupenny bit!!!
    V x

  3. Ha ha, I love it. I used to love going to the corner shop and choosing sweets.

  4. love the little story! Great interpretation of there theme, thanks for sharing on le challenge.

  5. Oh fun. I'll take those eatable kinds, lol.

  6. I love these .... I was very luck that my Aunty owned the local sweet shop!!!

  7. Oh this made me smile and I adore your little mix bag! This is so creative and a really fun interpretation of the theme. Thanks for linking up :) I'm feeling very nostalgic now and craving rhubarb and custard!

  8. I agree with Lucy - you should have won a prize for creativity on this one :-) I grew up overseas and the thing we most looked forward to about going back to England for holidays was the 'pick and mix' from Woolworths!

  9. Very cute and clever! I liked seeing your little crocheted mini sweets !

  10. I'm in tears for your poor deprived childhood!


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