Sunday, 12 October 2014

Finish A Long 2014, quarter 4

Well, would you believe it, it is time for the sign up for the linky party for the last quarter of Finish A Long 2014 with The Littlest Thistle. You may be thinking, (or not) where was the blog post for the finish of Finish A Long 2014, quarter 3? Well, as I didn't actually finish anything on my very short list I wasn't able to link up. All on my list has now been carried on to quarter 4, some nearer a finish state and some no further one.

                                                   1 Stand Up For The Ulster Men Quilt

I did try really hard to finish this, honest, I did. I started it about a year ago now and set myself 3 deadlines, last Christmas, last Easter (the start of the caravan season) and August. All have passed me by. I really did try hard with this. Turned out I didn't have enough squares done (apparently my single bed quilts are a little on the small side) and then I ran out of fabric. Add to that a lot of stress in work due to the budget cuts and I just ran out of the steam. I do have it more or less ready to baste and finish for Christmas (this Christmas), hopefully.

2 Quilt for my son in the USA

This quilt is not so much a wip but a disaster zone. Before I bought more black klona for the quilt above, I unpicked the black squares in this to to use in the SUFTHM quilt. Enough said. However winter is coming and Christmas is coming, and he is coming home for Christmas. So enough said.


 3 Medallion Quilt for the Irish Modern Quilt Guild

Earlier in the year I joined in the fun in making a medallion quilt. I bought the fabric in Peter Jones, Sloane Square, London. It is not designer fabric, just a pack of fat quarter fabric, and of course I have run out of one of them. I have tried John Lewis, and our local fabric shops, they all stock the fabric packs but of course not in my colour .                                                                                       

4 The Why Did I Start this Cardigan?

I have been dabbling with knitting again. My friend Anne has been learning to knit, and my sister is an avid knitter. This has reawakened my interest. Plus I love to see the things that Crazy Dazy knits. So, I sent away for the wool and the pattern and decided to knit myself a sleeveless cardigan for the those cold days in work. Don't know why I bothered. I am bored already and I have the very strong feeling I am going to age 20 years and gain 2 stone the minute I put this on.

Well, I have a couple of other things I have been footering with too, a skirt for my daughter and my Liberty epp but the list above will do for now.
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  1. I really like the quilt which you are making for your son......hopefully youll finish it before Christmas. Shame about the fabric for the medallion quilt as it looks gorgeous. Thanks for the mention by the way!

  2. Awe what a shame about the medallion quilt hopefully you'll be able to locate some fabric.
    Other quilts are looking good too. :)
    V x

  3. Hope you find the fabric for the medallion eventually. Because it is going to be a gorgeous finish when it is done.

  4. Good luck with your projects!


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