Monday, 15 September 2014

Le Challenge - Era

After a month's break in August Le Challenge  began again in September and I think I am coming up to my Le Challenge ist anniversary - I first joined in the fun last October. It has been great fun, trying new things and seeing how others interpret the same challenge.

The dictionary definition of "era" is "era, a noun, a passage or period of time. Or, if I got off my ass and got my trusty dictionary out I am sure that is what it would say. I couldn't possibly pick my favourite era, I love Georgian architecture, I love everything about the Regency period and Jane Austen. And of course I love the Victorians, who doesn't? So, I have taken "era, the passage of time" literally and decided on a clock. However, like all my makes, it isn't quite how I envisioned it when I started out.

clock cushion

I tried to machine sew the white circle into the black circle by pinning and easing round. It didn't really work, it was more a circular rectangle. So I started again and just laid the white circle under the black and turned under a little bit of black fabric and hand slip stitched it. Then I noticed running stitched the inner black thread circle and began to slip stitch the numbers. Mmm, the clock face wasn't quite straight when I did the 12. This set the pattern for a "wonky clock". I really enjoyed sewing the numbers on and it is ok that they are not quite regular. I then stitched ERA and it was at the wrong angle too! Ripped it out and did it again, slightly bigger this time.

Now came the tricky bit. Measure 9 cm out each side of the central point. Not tricky at all, but I  had the plastic ruler upside down and misread the 6 cm for 9 cm. That explains why the clock is off centre! I actually like this better than the perfectly centred, perfectly straight clock I had imagined. For inspiration I used the IKEA clock in our sun room. We originally bought it for our Nana when she was in a nursing home for a short time as it had BIG numbers. Everyone thought our Nana was so trendy, which she actually was. The backing fabric is a Robert Kaufmann fabric bought last week on my fabric outing. It is just slip stitched closed as I was pushed for time. Next time I make a cushion I will definitely try a zip closure.

rear of cushion

Overall I am really pleased with the finished cushion and it has pride of place on my daughter's bed.

the finished cushion in our kitchen

Roll on October's Le Challenge.


  1. The wonkiness is what makes this project so endearing. I, too, need to try a zipper sometime soon. And that RK fabric is fabulous -- it would make a great quilt binding!

  2. I just love that off centre wouldnt have looked so good if the clock had have been exactly in the centre.....people can be too uptight when they are sewing anyway!

  3. Fun project! Looks good in wonky style ;) and perfect backing!

  4. What a cute cushion - and glad you managed to choose your favourite era! thanks for sharing on le challenge!

  5. Looks really good! Very clever hand stitching and I like how it's not perfectly round.

  6. wow Love your cool clock cushion! Fab design....even if its by happy accident...they're often the best results!

  7. Great interpretation, it has a hand drawn look to it - very trendy.

  8. I love it too and what a great literal interpretation :)

  9. Looks great on the chair with the contrasting white.


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