Saturday, 30 August 2014

Two More Sleeps

Oooh only 2 more sleeps until I am queen bee in the Irish Modern Quilt Guild Stash Bee and my excitement is mounting. Not your excitement, just my excitement.

I have my tutorial written, my 4 squares made up, my photos taken. I have my link in to a better tutorial and I am all systems go. Houston we have lift off. I just need my daughter to help me do the techie bit of sending it to Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting.

In the meantime, I'll just bring you up to date with a few things. Hazel and I tried a little dressmaking at the start of the summer. In one evening, we cut out a skirt and got it basically sewn, side seams, darts and zip. All we have left to do is sew on the internal skirt band and hem it. That's all we have to do, and all we have had to do from the beginning of July. Tomorrow, tomorrow is a new day. Sure, there is still loads of time left to wear a summer skirt! September is always an Indian summer here in Belfast!

Hazel did a little secret sewing last week for her brother's partner, Claire. I had bought Hazel a purse kit from U-Handbag. She used the frame and wadding and chose some fabric from my stash, a bright orange kona for the lining and a teal sheep circle fabric from the Village Haberdashery for the outside. I can't remember the name of the line, but I bought it in 4 colours and it is Japanese. We filled it with some sparkly buttons and made by labels. It was fun to do, and something new for both of us, I watched and made suggestions, all helpful of course.

The last thing is I bought some green Bergere wool. They had  an offer (now closed) of £10 worth of points to first time customers. I bought a book of patterns and enough green wool to knit myself a sleeveless cardigan, long line waistcoat sort of thing. Not bad for £20 odds. All I have to do now is knit it. Its pretty late now so I won't attempt to take a night time photo, but the wool is nice.

There is also, of course September Le Challenge, but that is ages away, plenty of time to start that, I mean share that.

Well, that's all for now folks. Only 2 more sleeps.
Helen x


  1. As long as your excited Helen, have fun doing it, I'm still not sure what it is but it's sounds fun.
    Looking forward to seeing the new knitting project.
    V x

  2. Oh have fun being a queen bee :)

  3. looking forward to seeing photos of you modeling new skirt and green waist coat
    Tell Hazel her purse looks great and a nice choice of fabrics.
    Hope you enjoed being queen bee!


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