Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Five More Sleeps

Ooooh, in five, yes five more sleeps I will be hive mama for the Irish Modern Quilt Guild Stash Bee. This is my first ever bee, so it follows that this is my first time as bee mama. I have five, or is it four more days to do my own squares, photograph them and write my blog. The lovely Judith from Bee Blessed has given permission for me to link to one of their tutorials, so that should at least make it clearer for the fellow bees. I have however picked a really simple square. I started with a bigger degree of difficulty then changed my mind, simple is best. All will be revealed on 1 September.

In the meantime I have been catching on my bee squares, July was late, very late. Fiona was lovely about it. Between holidays and being knackered I just fell behind in time, they are all parcelled ready to go to her today. Fiona, "Betsey Gray Crafts" had asked for spider's web squares using a selvedge on the diagonal. She asked for eight 6.5" squares. I decided to make them bigger then cut down, I had difficulty before trimming when the final measurement dramatically changed on cutting after sewing on the bias. I did go on a bit on the large side, 9". I know, stupid, when I then had to cut them down. And I cut one of them too short. What better way to spend a bank holiday! The end result is quite good though and I will send Fiona the small one too.

For myself, I have been sewing a little Liberty whilst hopping on and off planes. I have discovered you can take tiny tiny scissors onboard. I don't sew on the plane in case I drop the needle (quite possible) but I do sew in the airport. Sew and people watch. Just like Miss Marple.


There has been some secret sewing as well by Hazel and myself, but, well, if we told you, then it wouldn't be secret? Well, would it?

One last thing, please indulge me. 100 years ago this year millions of young men, from all nationalities, from all over the world were killed in the First World War. There have been many discussions since by folks much more clever than me about the rights and wrongs of that war. One thing is sure, a lot of young men died, and one of them was my great uncle. Today is his anniversary. His parents and siblings who mourned him are long long gone. He had no wife or children, he was only a boy and was only in battle for 3 days. My cousin is attaching this photo today to his grave in Belgium. The local folk there who tend his grave can now see who he was.

ps only 5 sleeps to go!!!


  1. Looking forward to the big reveal on the 1st! I haven't started August's yet, hopefully this weekend at the last minute...

  2. What a lovely thing to do for your great uncle, we must never forget their sacrifice!

    Not being a quilter I have no idea what a bee mama is but it sounds exciting!

  3. Such a lovely tribute to your great uncle, Helen and wonderful for those who have so kindly tended his grave that they can now see him too x
    Good looking being 'hive mama' ...I agree with Vivienne...it all sounds very exciting! :-)
    Susan x

  4. oooh I wonder what will be revealed on 1st September!. The colours on the spiders web squares really zing. Beautiful fabric for the hand pieced hexagons.
    That is a lovely thing to do on your great uncles grave....he looks so young in the photo........how tragic.


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