Thursday, 14 August 2014

Catching Up

It has been a little while since I blogged, the time goes by remarkably quickly. The week after we came back from the States was a dead week and then we were off to the Commonwealth Games. More about that next time. After the Games which were great, life has just caught up with me.
So this is a quick update of what's been going on.

Way back in June when my England based son and his partner were over I mentioned that she is a brilliant knitter. An inventive knitter and a much better technical knitter than I will ever be. I had brought her a skein of wool from Philadelphia and it turned into this shawl. The colour has come out a little darker in the photo, but the shawl is lovely. So fine

I haven't blogged about my last two bee blocks either for the Irish Modern Stash Bee.
the Tennessee Road blocks for Erin

meteor shower blocks for Irina
 I am a little late with July's blocks for Fiona, I hope to get them done this week, then onto August blocks.
Way back last year when I started blogging I blogged about a little quilt I made for a colleague's grandson. He lives in Australia and I had made a quilt when he was born. He (and his parents) were coming "home" and I made him a little quilt for his granny's so he would have something familiar in this cold strange country. His "home and his away quilts". Now he has a little sister and the adoring grandparents are off to see the new baby, with half their limited suitcase space taken up with another quilt. The quilt was quick and simple, it was made in that exhausting week between the States and the Games, in the searing heat. I do like to be a martyr! I really should have been catching up in the garden though - or on my sleep. Anyhow, the toy fabric is just one of those generic quilting cottons from the Paragon and the spotty fabrics and Rose and Hubble. I love Rose and Hubble, cheap and cheerful but great for those fill in bits.


I know the back is a little gathered looking but it will all be ok in the end!

For myself my Liberty hexies are coming along nicely, but more about that next time.
One, last thing, I am ecstatic, both the Great British Bake Off and Who Do You Think You Are and back on screen. Whilst my daughter was in England we used to both watch it and chat online whilst the programme was on. I also used to keep a text conversation with my friend the divine Ms AJ. Ms AJ and I go back a long way. Her mum and I became good friends when our children were at nursery, she offered me a lift. I was struggling along heavily pregnant and walking my twins. Dot had a lovely big empty (nearly empty apart from little miss AJ) and kindly gave me a lift. We were neighbours but had not got beyond the smiling stage. Twenty four years on and we are still friends, AJ and my bump are great friends too. The "twins" and AJ more went their own ways as they grew older but are still interested in each other's progress through life and say hello on Christmas Day. Anyhow, AJ and I thought we would have our own Bake Off and post our photos on Facebook - a friendly challenge. The first week was Swiss Roll and 36 individual cakes. I, ably assisted by Hazel made the Swiss Roll and AJ ably assisted by her mum made the individual cakes. This week is biscuits. This also ensured I eventually used the swiss roll tin bought 2 years ago, turned out to be easy peasy. Hopefully I will get to make madeleines too, I bought that tin last year. (the Delia effect?)

                                                                          my effort
Ms AJ's wonderful baking  
All the best,


  1. Lots going on! Love the Bee blocks and the baby quilt is gorgeous!

  2. beautiful knitted shawl and Im most impressed with your patchwork. Have missed the episodes of the bake off so far...unfortunately

  3. Cute prints and polka dots! These always work for babies ;)


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