Sunday, 6 July 2014

FAL Quarter 2 End

Well, maybe better to draw a line under this quarter, though it is an 100% improvement on the last quarter! I did finish my extreme knitting socks, blogged about here.

The wool is One Step, bought in Jean's Wool Shop in Belfast and mostly knitted in New Zealand over my last year's summer holiday. They were extreme knitting because a fellow guest in the posh guest house we were staying in kept insisting there must be some sort of extreme sport I could try whilst on holiday. I just hadn't found the right sport. In the end, I told him I enjoyed extreme knitting, and then for the rest of the holiday I got the photos to prove it - knitting on the Franz Ferdinand Glacier, knitting on the Trans Alpine train, you name it, I did it.

I finally finished the socks last weekend, just in time for this summer - I hope I don't need them on this year's holiday to Savannah and Nashville!

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  1. They look great Helen but I hope you don't need them for a very long time anywhere! ;)
    V x

  2. Your extreme knitted socks are great.....I know Jeans wool shop well!

  3. They look like Christmas socks to me :-) Extreme knitting - ha ha. You are funny.

  4. Love your extreme knitting socks Helen (and it sounds a much safer option than any other extreme sport to me :-) )....the yarn shades are lovely too,
    Happy Tuesday!
    Susan x

  5. Yeah, what else do you do in the summer but knit warm socks... ;o) Congrats on your finish!


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