Monday, 9 June 2014

Studio 54

This last week has been pretty busy, not much sewing or knitting done. Last Wednesday my father, brother and I went to the F.E. McWilliam gallery in Banbridge for lunch. The lunch was great but the real bonus were the sculptures, both by FE McWilliam and also the visiting exhibitor, Helen Hanse, the Sleeper Within, one of her carved heads would look brilliant on  a plinth in our garden. It would be company for Ronald, our resident cedar head sculpture. We are rather cruel to Ronald, we dress him up at every available opportunity.

dog sculpture at entrance to FE McWilliam Gallery

Not much sewing was done this week. I am 54 today (hip hip hooray) and my husband in all his wisdom decided to have a party for me on Saturday night. A Studio 54 themed party to celebrate my 54th birthday. This involved dressing up of course. A jump suit for me, which to quote my daughter was "oh J*s*s mum, you can't wear that". I think I may be more generously proportioned than the average teenage this jumpsuit was marketed at. Well, I cut up a t shirt, wore a fringed crochet cardi from Primark, and fanny's your aunt and bob's your uncle. Primark also came to the rescue with a Hawaiian shirt for Alan and I put some lovely yellow paisley fabric insets in his trousers for flares. (other cheap bargain shops are available)

We had good fun, but by today my sore throat has progressed to no voice at all. A quiet day today then. Lunch in town with a

friend, then dinner tonight with Alan and said daughter. Don't know where as yet, but somewhere nice (I hope)

I got some great presents, it is nice when someone has taken care to buy me something which they know I will like. A friend got me a brilliant RHS solar light for the garden. I look forward to some good weather to sit out!

My son got me a Nigel Slater cookery book, great recipes and a chatty diary as well. Looking forward to reading that. His partner Claire really touched me. She knitted me this cowl and fingerless gloves in my favourite colours. They are lovely and very fine, so not bulky to wear. I kept them on for most of yesterday, nice and soothing round my sore throat.

My other son has a surprise which I will get when I see him stateside in July, I suspect it may be some yummy fabrics from Lark Cottons, time will tell. My friend Anne, she who is learning to knit got me a flax fox tea towel I have had my eye on. These are no ordinary tea towels, far too nice to use.

Another great present was the quilting book my sister got me, brilliant. And in case I had been forgotten about, I had bought myself some lovely spotted sheep fabrics from Village Haberdashery. As you can see there was not much chance of that.

And last night came another brilliant surprise. I was luckily enough to be picked by Paula from Mud and Pies and Pins as one of her 3 Pay it Forward recipients. I will explain more about this next time.

Hoping to get some sewing done this week.



  1. Ah good old Primark what would we do without them!!!
    Happy birthday Helen, it looks like you celebrated in style despite what your daughter thinks, what do kids know anyway! ;)
    Lots of lovely goodies too!
    V x

  2. Happy birthday , hope you have a lovely evening out. The spotty fabric and book look lovely. Good to get a bit spoilt with yummy things on your birthday. X

  3. Happy Birthday! What a fun party that must have been. Those sheeps are oh so cute and fun. Enjoy!

  4. Happy two looked great all dressed up! Such lovely lucky are you.


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