Saturday, 14 June 2014

Le Challenge - Charity

Apparently this is the 13th Le Challenge, and should be lucky for someone. For myself, I just enjoy taking part, it is fun to think outside the box and meet what is literally a challenge. To win would be a bonus, a very nice bonus, but a bonus. This month's entry for me is a red beanie type hat. More about that later.

The sub text of Le Challenge - Charity for me should be "shoulda, woulda, coulda".

Firstly I feel it appropriate to give something back, and to make use of my "talents" such as they are is one way of doing that which I can incorporate into my lifestyle. I wish I had the strength of character to volunteer with families as a friend does, but that is not for me. I haven't really the time at this point in my life to volunteer as such, but I can knit and sew.

That said I "shoulda" made a quilt top for charity, my two chosen would be Bee Blessed or Siblings Together. I do my bee squares most months for Bee Blessed. I have yet to make something for Siblings Together or for the street children in Brazil. I will. I have the fabric left over. I just need to discipline myself to apportion the time.

I "woulda" knitted jumpers for penguins in Philip Island, Australia. Alison from Crazy Dazy sent me a link to this, she thought I would be interested. I was. Initially knitters sent jumpers for the penguins who had been affected by the oil slick. When there was no longer any need for these they put them on the souvenir penguins in the shop. This was to be my Le Challenge - Charity! When I went to print off the pattern, dammit, as of the end of May they closed the appeal. Apparently they are inundated with penguin outfits. They would have loved my aran jumper fit for penguin. I haad even scrounged the wool from my sister, charity on her part. (well it does begin at home) . And, I had gone up to the roof space and searched through all the old beanie babies looking for a penguin to model said jumper. No penguin but I did find a cockatoo who agreed to act as stand in.

I "coulda" used one of the jumpers I knitted for the Barnardo's Bears. The "knit and natter" groups in the libraries in N Ireland were all knitting Barney Bear jumpers like mad. Indeed I knit and blogged about 3 or 4. I then knit another 2, a red and white striped affair like Where's Wally and a black and red one for Dennis the Menace. But.....I forgot to take photographs of the last 2 and it didn't feel right to use something previously blogged.

In the end I asked what our group was currently knitting, and apparently it is hats for the homeless.
So a hat it is. It is a red hat in Patons cotton. I found the pattern a while ago and printed it off the net. No idea where so I can't credit the designer. It's a David Beckham style hat, you know the type. The type of  hat which looks too long, as if you could keep your spare socks in the bit at the end. Like the young ones wear. Which is probably why it looks stupid on me!! I can't say I particularly like the hat or enjoyed knitting it, but I hope the recipient likes it and it maybe keeps them warm on a cold night.

a terrible photo of me modelling said hat

This week I read 2 books, "Salvation Creek" by Susan Duncan. An Australian biography. Very interesting and likeable woman. The second book is "Be Careful What You Wish For" by Jeffrey Archer. An unusual choice for me but much loved by my dad. I buy them for him and he passed them back to me. Say what you like about Jeffrey Archer but he has a good storyline even if he falls down in the actual writing.

Following on the line of light reading, perfect when I have had this sore throat, this week's book will be "Chestnut Street" by Maeve Binchy. There is plenty of time for a more discerning read!


  1. I have a wonderful image of an Aran wearing penguin! Great hat, well done.

    1. thank you Emma, I was quite disappointed not to get knitting that!

  2. Well let's face it Helen, keeping you warm on a cold night is all anyone could ask of a hat, I'm sure looking like Beckham (as wonderful as that might be) would be the last thing on your mind....well done!
    You too have Beanie Babies in your attic?? :)
    V x

  3. A fabulous hat for a great cause and what a lot of charity work you have done! Penguins in jumpers is such a funny thought! Maeve Binchy was a big favourite of mine in high school, I love her books. Thanks for linking up to le challenge :)

  4. Ga... laughing about your penguins what a fun charity and totally hilarious. I think a hat is a little more needed :)

  5. A great cause - and a great hat. Love the 'Beckham' style of the hat! Thanks for joining on le challenge,

  6. shame about the penguin jumpers......but your hat is much more worthwhile.

  7. You cant go wrong with a Beckham hat (sorry about the penguins though)

  8. That is cool! I'm sure some homeless will appreciate it.

  9. The hat is a good color for anyone and should be well-received!
    Your post brought a good chuckle,
    And thanks for the book ideas, I am always looking for titles to watch for at my library. I do a lot of audio books these days


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