Monday, 7 April 2014

Sunday Night, Just Chilling

I was going to start with a round up of the last week or so but had a quick look at my stats. Rather disconcertingly one of the search terms used for me is "midget and monkey"
I don't know what I can add to that.

Except, I hope my email box doesn't get filled with emails from Mr Pottymouth or Mr Weirdo.

I can guess that this is my sister looking for me. The monkey was for her daughter and she can never remember what I call my blog, probably too embarrassed to ask me again.

It's Sunday night and I am chilling out after a weekend away with my scrapbooking chums. The hubs and the daughter are watching The Hunger Games and apparently my typing in the room next door is too noisy.

So, I should better make this a quick post!

My Ulster Rugby quilt is coming along, but will have to take a back seat now as I have more pressing things to finish. I think it reminds me of playing hopscotch.

I finished my blocks for the Irish Modern Stash Bee, this time for Sarah @ Fairy Face Designs.
This was to be a spider block in bright colours with a muted low volume or grey centre. Sarah warned us to be careful to sew on the correct sewing line to start it off. You guessed it, I read the instructions and then sewed on the wrong line. Took me 2 days to work it out. Then the tension on the machine mucked up. Eventually it worked out and I like them, but I AM NOT showing you the back.

A finish this week was the cowl I knitted from the Debbie Bliss kit my son sent me from Loop Knits in Philadelphia for Christmas. It is two yarns knit together, a very fine mohair and a silken type yarn. I would get the labels but don't want to disturb the big screening of the film! Not being terribly tall I only used 2/3 of the wool and I am delighted to report it is not in the slightest bit itchy.

I have also been making progress with my whole lotta bag designed by Katy, The Littlest Thistle and some secret sewing. But no photos to share yet.

Well time to go and make a cup of tea, it is all the healthy walking and eating from my weekend at the Giant's Causeway that has me tired, not the copious amounts of wine and late night playing of Mexican train. Yeah, until our first scrapping weekend away I had never heard of it either. Sort of dominoes for grown ups, and it has taken me 3 years to finally understand it.

All the best


  1. I love the bright colours with the grey. Tres modern! X

  2. Really like the looks so soft..............nice also to see a photo of you.

  3. Your cowl looks lovely and cosy Helen (and a lovely pic too!) ....It's so funny at times what appears on the blog searches, isn't it?
    Happy Thursday!
    Susan x


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