Thursday, 10 April 2014

FAL2 link up

~Time for me to link up again with Katy's Finish A Long quarter 2. I did actually finish 1 thing in my first quarter, but I missed the link up. Maybe I should put it in my diary next time!

Well this quarter I still have my nephew's rugby quilt. Still not pieced never mind completed. But, further on than it was last quarter.

Some more blocks left from the lap quilt I made my sister last spring. The lap quilt was made from the remnants of a bed quilt I made for her donkey's years ago. I think I will make a cushion. The original gift that keeps on giving.

A plus quilt started quite recently for my stateside son, but I have a habit of starting and not finishing.

The maple leaf quilt started some 20 years ago and still never finished.

The socks which are so nearly finished but not quite.

Well that is 5, I have to be realistic about this. The finish from last quarter was the shades of blue garter stitch baby/lap blanket. Should really give it to charity but it took me too long. I would have to be sure the recipient will love and treasure it!


  1. I think most of us have ufos lurking in the back of the cupboard........the blocks for the maple leaf quilt are lovely............youll have to finish that one!

  2. I agree with Ali you need to finish that maple leaf quilt, those blocks are lovely!
    V x


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