Sunday, 12 January 2014

will I like it? Will I, will I?

I have been sewing like mad on this quilt for my auntie Eileen. The story of the quilt that never was.

My aunt Eileen was 92 a few weeks ago, I have already blogged about the last minute cushion I made her as a quick present. It was made from some Debbie Mumm fat quarters I had from the last millennium. Now at the time I loved this fabric and was keeping it for something special, though I must have dipped into the two contrasting fabrics or else there is more buried deep in the depths of my roof space.

Anyhow it was perfect for my aged aunt, she won't mind that her fabric is 20 years out of date.  She did however mind that I had made her a cushion. ~Apparently she had been hoping for a blanket. Wasn't it just as well I had brought her something at all! Anyhow the loads of fabric for a cushion was great but rather depleted when it came to a blanket.

Around about the same time I had joined up, through Katy and the Littlest Thistle,
  to take part in the Modern Bee quilt along, and thought, great opportunity to kill 2 birds with one stone, and the first quilt a long used a small amount of pattern with a larger amount of plain.  This is where I learnt that older fabric doesn't necessarily translate well into a modern quilt. I thought this was perfect initially for making the most of what I had,  but I REALLY don't know now I have started. The green seems to overpower the pattern and the pattern seems too fussy. |I had linked into the flickr website and the author Lindsay Corner had sent me a lovely welcome message, but since I uploaded my photos all has gone quiet. The photos aren't uploaded, maybe Lindsay hasn't approved of them, thinks "what is this girl at, this is not the sort of stuff we want here at all, at all". Or maybe I am over thinking it as usual. No other photos have appeared on the flickr site either, so maybe they are alright after all.

the first square

In any case I am ploughing on with my quilt, it may or may not look ok when it is finished, sometimes things are surprising. If it just looks a bit old fashioned I can live with that. And so will my Aunt Eileen, she will be just delighted to have something I made for her.
at this the stage, I am thinking, oh no

And maybe an old fashioned quilt will be more in keeping for her. Mind you, I have rarely met anyone as  eclectic as my Aunt Eileen. Fascinating lady.



  1. I'm sure Aunt Eileen will be delighted with the quilt..........keep on going. I love the patterns of the blocks.

  2. Good Morning Helen,
    these squares are wonderful and your dear Aunt is going to love it. You're a sweetie pie and she will be delighted that you put so much love into her gift :)
    Have a wonderful day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. Your Aunt will love it because you stitched it, and it's lovely. Get it finished.

  4. I didn't mean to stop so abruptly there but the iPad froze as soon as I paused. Xxx looking forward to seeing it finished x

  5. It is admittedly a bit dark, but it will suit our aunt and that means it will have fulfilled it's purpose. Job done!


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